14 Feb 2013

MUA Kiss Proof Lip Stain Fruitilicious - Review

Hi Girls,

Today I am going to review MUA Lip Stain in Fruitilicious. My MUA purchase was not a planned one. During the sale, my friends wanted to add a few pounds to get their purchase to the free-shipping limit and I randomly selected two stuffs. An eyeliner and this lip stain.

MUA Kiss Proof Lip Stain Fruitilicious

I have always been fascinated with the idea and concept of lip stains. I am a person who completely adores those natural looking stained lips.  Read on to know if this lip stain is really worth buying.

I have mixed opinions on this one. It is definitely not one of those lip products where all you need to do is to just dab it on your lips carefree and it would end up looking fabulous. This is not for those hasty mornings. You need time to make this lip stain work for you.

Let me stop with that and move on with the review.

MUA Kiss Proof Lip Stain Fruitilicious

Bright, pretty and travel friendly. I love the fact that it looks almost like a pin marker pen. I am resisting the urge to place it near the white board in my dad’s office and see his reaction. The cap fits in well and I love it.

Color & applicator:

MUA Kiss Proof Lip Stain Fruitilicious

It is a pretty rose color. The applicator is just like a marker pen’s tip. Very apt for lining the lips without getting messy. The side of the applicator is very useful in filling the lips. We need not shake the pen, or tap it to get an even color. It works fine.

Texture and quality:

This is the part which I found to be very tricky for few initial applications. The lip stain takes about a few seconds to dry. If we did not give that time and if we continuously paint our lips like a lip liner or a lipstick, this product is going to get blotchy and uneven. Give a single coat of the lip stain. If you are not satisfied with the intensity, wait till the first one dries up before applying the second coat.

And, the lip stain will not work well in dry lips. Moisturize it well using a lip balm and smoothen it with a scrub before using this stain. Or else, it WILL emphasize or to be precise, exaggerate all the fine lines and patchy skin.

Staying power and supposedly kiss-proof feature:

Staying power is very average on my lips. It hardly stays put for 3 hours and when it fades, it fades evenly and disappears.

Once dry it is smudge proof. I rubbed the swatch twice but you can see that it has not budged even a little. But unfortunately, it fades mildly when it comes in contact with water or any liquid for that matters hence transfers a little. Otherwise, it is transfer proof.


MUA Kiss Proof Lip Stain Fruitilicious Swatch

Let me summarize the pros and cons before moving on to the verdict.


1. Attractive packing.
2. Beautiful color.
3. Good Applicator.
4. Smudge proof and transfer proof to some extent.
5. Cheap.
6. Covers pigmentations well.


1. Will emphasize dry lips and lines.
2. Needs to be applied carefully. Not suitable for those busy mornings.
3. Fades a little when comes in contact with water.
4. Average staying power.


Considering the price, I am not complaining. It is a decent product for the price.

Hope you girls loved my review.



  1. Nice review Raji. Why don't you give LOTD?

  2. Never tried a lip stain for fear of my chapped lips. Shud have gt this! tats a pretty shade :)

  3. Ah I had my eye on this one.but I'm glad i didnt buy it now as i have dry lips..Nice review dearie!

  4. nice review and pretty color...:)

  5. Hey nice review dear...even me too want LOTD :)

  6. I USE tbs lip and cheek stain but this one sounds promising too

  7. Nice review dear. Even i wanted to try it.:)


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