16 Feb 2013


Hello Friends,

Today I am reviewing my second MUA purchase and that is the liquid eyeliner in shade 5. I have told you about my mini mua purchase here.

Read on to know more about this liner.

About the liner: (from MUA website)

Bright liquid eye liner that combines long-lasting wear with a non-flake precision line. Goes on effortlessly. Applies with its own brush to draw a defined line. This is available in classic shades as well as on trend shades.

I got the shade 5 which is a black shade.


It comes with a cute little plastic packing that feels light. It is black in color and opaque. The packing is travel friendly.


The eyeliner comes with a felt applicator that is long enough to help create those flicks and line the lower lash line and thick enough to make the thin lines thick. It does feel a little stiff but that’s okay. It did not scratch my eyes while applying and such applicators do favors for beginners like me.

Color, Texture & Opacity:

Now this is where I banged my head over buying this one. The texture is runny. The liner is not opaque and the color seems watery grey. I don’t know if I got a faulty stuff or the entire thing is like this but this liner is a total fail. Once dry it stays forever in my hand swatch but flakes off after few hours in my eyes. It flakes in irregular patches that looks very ugly.   

It is water proof and smudge proof till it starts flaking off. The liner did not irritate my eyes and once dry it feels kind of stiff on the eyes. I don’t get the stiff feeling when I use lakme’s instaliner or for that matter any liners.

Staying power is also not that impressive. It stayed for 4 hours on my non-oily lids before starting to flake off.

As I had that “phoreeen brand” expectation in my mind, I felt very bad that this product did not match my expectation.

Though it is just a pound which equals around Rs. 83/- here in India, for that price the lakme and elle ones far better in quality.


On hand comparison with other liners

On My Eyes (I have not worn any other cosmetics so that the true color of the liner is shown, So please forgive)

Water-proof test (after a minute of application)

Summarizing its Pro’s and Con’s:


1. Nice packing. Light weight and travel friendly.
2. Wonderful applicator.
3. Did not irriate my eyes.
4. Just one pound. Pocket friendly.
5. Water proof and smudge proof.


1. Flakes off after few hours.
2. Watery consistency. Not at all opaque.
3. Feels stiff in the eyes once it dries.


Not worth at all unless you have the foreign brand crush. Our Lakme and elle ones are far better. As for the applicator, like my friend rads suggested, I am going to use it for other liners. Will not repurchase and will not recommend to anyone that includes even my enemy.

Note: I have nothing against MUA and I love their eye shadows very much. This review is solely based on my personal experience.

Hope you girls loved the review.

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  1. your eyes are beautiful raji...nice review

  2. Nice n detailed review Raji...me too dnt like this eye liner and compromise myself that i have got a good eye liner applicator for 1E

  3. Pigmentation is so poor but still i like its glossiness...U have lovely eyes Rajalakshmi :)

  4. glad i didnt buy it
    nice review dear even the maybelline liquid eye liner is v good

    1. hi vish :) thanks for commenting.. :) i am a lakme instaliner fan. yet to try maybelline :)


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