18 Feb 2013

Nutritious Protein Hair Pack from Harini Herbals - Review

Hello Pretty Girls,

How are you all dealing with the Monday blues?  Today I am up a review of another product from Harini Herbals. As I have told earlier, Harini Herbals is a homemade herbal skin care and hair care products boutique run by Ms. Madhuvanthi. 

I made an initial purchase of pimple pack and Protein Hair pack. While I was instantly satisfied with the former, it took a little bit more time to understand and make the protein hair pack work for me.

My Hair is dry and wavy. It is prone to frizz and I do not take a good care of it. I told about my hair to Madhu and she suggested me this protein hair pack.

The hair pack comes in a plastic container instead of a packet. I love this packing as I need to run around to fetch a box to store half opened packet. The ingredients and directions are mentioned on the packing.


Ingredients and MRP:

The pack looks and feels bit coarse like herbal hair wash powder or shikakai and smells mildly like one but without the harshness of a shikakai. (hope you get what I am trying to say :P ).

For the first time, I Washed my hair, mixed the pack with curd and applied it. The curd smell was overwhelming and while washing it off, I couldn't resist the urge to use a shampoo. Result: Super dry and coarse hair. I was totally disappointed with the first use that I called up Madhu to talk about it. She strongly advised against using a shampoo to wash the pack off the pack and asked me to add fresh aloe vera gel for added nourishment.

After one month I slowly picked up courage to try it for the second time and this time, I added the aloe vera gel and a drop of lavender essential oil to neutralize the curd smell. I kept the pack on for 20 minutes and washed it off happily with just water. And, this time, I just can’t believe my eyes. My hair looked silky, shiny, smooth, conditioned and in short fabulous.

My hair felt very manageable even after four days of my pack session.

This is how the pack looks.

Summarizing its pro’s and con’s.


1. Makes dry and fizzy hair manageable, soft and silky.
2. Pack needs to be kept only for 20 minutes which is quite swift compared to other herbal hair packs.
3. Washes off easily compared to traditional shikakai or herbal hair wash powder.
4. Does not irritate scalp.
5. Completely natural.
6. Comes in a plastic container making storage hassle free.
7. Reasonably priced for the quantity and performance.


1. Once mixed with curd or egg, the pack smells very bad. And as it is not advisable to wash it off using a shampoo, we are forced to resort to measures like adding a few drops of essential oils etc.
2. Due to the coarse texture, the pack does not spread easily.


If you are looking for a decently priced 100% herbal product to revive your silicon infested dry & lifeless tresses, this product is for you. But just make sure you add a drop or two of some good smelling oil to neutralize the curd/egg smell.

Highly recommended and I will surely repurchase.!

You can check out her online shop here http://hariniherbals.weebly.com

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  1. This is nice. Even I am suffering from the same problems

  2. Very Nice - definately check it out , i am having super irritating hair at the moment .. Thanks Raji :)

  3. Wow seems like an effective hair pack...Will definitely try it out :)

    1. yes dear it s a good pack apart from the funny smell..

  4. I didn't try this as I am using Hibiscus pack...
    Nice Review Raji :)

  5. sofianaz khalid25 April 2014 at 17:33

    protein hair packIs it rite to use honey wid olive oil as I’ve heard dat if u use honey den ur hairs will become white. i really loved the remedies for increasing hair volume they really work,,,,,Gd tips and easily available....I didn't try this as I am using Hibiscus pack...Nice Review Raji :)Easy Hair Care


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