4 Feb 2013

Spring Facial Hair remover – Review.

Hello Girls,

Today I am going to review a hair removal product that has become my recent love. I am the type of person who hates visiting beauty salons. I go there only for threading my eyebrows that too at the insistence of my mum.

I epilate my hands and legs. I do my own facial, pedicure and manicure at home.

For some unknown reason I have never felt comfortable at beauty salons. And, with that said, like almost all the girls, I wanted to get rid of the hair growth on my upper lip. I tried threading once and I did not like it. More than the pain factor I detested the extra time it made me spend in the salon.

I was looking out for at home facial hair removal ideas and I stumbled upon this product. I purchased it from ebay. I got it almost 4 months back at approx Rs. 80-100. (I don’t remember the exact price). And as it was very cheap I did not think much about the purchase.

How to use:

I was supposed to bend the spring like this and place it on the skin as pictured and move the handle inwards. The mechanism is similar to that of an epilator. The spring grabs the hair from its roots and pulls it out.



It helped in removing the hair without any hassles and I am completely in love with this product. It takes minutes to remove hair from the upper lip area. The hair, as it is being pulled out from the roots, takes time to grow back. When it grows, it neither looks coarse nor grows back faster.  

Pain Factor & Stuffs to watch out:

Yes.! As it involves pulling hair from its roots, it pains. I have very low pain tolerance level and when I tried it for the first time, it was painful. But as I am used to it now, it doesn't bother me much. As I said just like epilating. So, if you feel epilating hurts you then this is not for you.

And as it involves grabbing hair and pulling out, we must not use this on wet skin or right after a hot bath as the skin will be loose during those times.

I have used it for the past four months and so far it has not caused any irritation.

After using it, I pull the spring horizontally, tap to get rid of excess hair and wash it. And before using it, I soak it in hot boiling water for some time and dry it to ensure hygiene. Instead you can also sanitize it with alcohol.  

And, as they are not designed for precise removal, it cannot be used for eyebrows. Check out the Pin depicting the importance of eyebrows here

Now, Summing up the pros and cons:


1. Very effective.
2. Non-messy.
3. Hair does not grow back coarser or faster.
4. Involves pulling hair from roots akin to epilating.
5. Product is very travel friendly.
6. Easy to clean.
7. Very cheap and one comes a long way.
8. As I always ensure it is clean, I did not experience any breakouts or allergies because of this.


1. Hurts.! But if you are used to epilating then this will not be a problem.
2. Cannot be used on wet/loose skin.
3. Cannot be used to tweeze eye brows.
4. Not widely available.


I Love this and will definitely recommend and repurchase.!

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  1. great and really a different product ! love your review dear .can you give me the link from where you buy it?

    1. i got it from ebay and now it is not available in ebay india :( when i click the link it says the product has been removed... i think we have to hunt it down.. i will check and let u know..

  2. i bought it for 30/- bucks from my local beauty store! i find it a bit difficult to work with.. il try again!

    1. wow..! in my area this s not available.. :( hope you get it right..!

  3. Interesting Raji...this is for only upper lip removal??? can we use this for hand and legs???

    1. it can be used dear. But it will be time consuming...

  4. i am seeing this for long time ..dont know how to use..will investigate on this now

    1. dear it is easy.. you can check youtube there are lots of videos on this :P

  5. i saw this at Bornpretty store but did not know how to use it. Glad Raji you reviewed it.
    i am a dIY person and hate vising the salons and parlors.:)

    1. thanks for commenting dear... :) if you get used to the pain, this is the best.!

  6. nice review.. i still prefer thread maybe because i am used to doing it myself at home.

    1. thanks dimpal.. i would love to learn threading.. <3

  7. Seems like a perfect product. U have explained it so well.

  8. Looks scary looking! But I'd probably use it on my hands, not my face. Interesting looking product!

    1. thanks for commenting dear... no not at all.. it is completely safe and designed for upper lips n face.. for hands this might be way too small and tym consuming.. :)

  9. I like this product. Where is it available and what is the cost


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