23 Mar 2013

Faces Shimmer Peach 13 - Review and NOTD

Hello Friends,

After a really long time, I lost my heart to a beautiful polish. Yup.! Polish love.! It is none other than Shimmer Peach 13 from Faces.

It is priced at Rs. 195/- for a 9 ml bottle.  When I swatched the polish, I was pretty disappointed. The polish did not impart any color with a single coat. 

After few days, I tried it again. This time, I let the first coat dry and then applied a second and third coat. Viola.! The color looked absolutely stunning and feminine. The shade is to die for. If you are a peach lover like me, you will definitely fall head over heels with this shade. It has got very fine silver glitter that adds to the beauty. You can wear this shade to work as the glitters are so fine and does not look over the top.

Once dry, the polish does not chip or fade for good 7 days in my hands. I don’t do any chores. (yet to be married, pampered child)

The cons I found with this polish are,

1. It’s sheer finish which requires two to three coats for the color to show and,
2. The time taken by the polish to dry. It seem to take forever to dry.




Verdict: Must buy for every polish lover JUST for the shade..!

I am going to hunt down similar pastel shades with fine glitter.

Hope you girls found the review useful.


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  1. I love such shades <3 n ur fingers look pretty *_*

  2. hey tat'z cute shade... i love shimmers :)

  3. its a lovely shade and nice review dear :)

  4. Cool one...
    loved the new look and feel of the blog.. :)
    loved the makeover :D

  5. Wow really an elegant shade. Yeah few shades have less pigmentation.

    1. yes megha.. its an elegant shade.. :) but i hate polishes with less pigmentation :(

  6. Wow gorgeous shade raji looks nice on you.... :D

  7. wow i am going to buy this shade too...love it


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