17 Apr 2013

Skin Care: Garnier Gentle Soothing Face wash with Orange Fruit Extract

Hello Friends,

After a long time, I am back with a review. This is going to be about the Garnier Gentle Soothing Face was with Orange Extract. I was using Neutrogena facial cleansers for so long that I desperately wanted a change. I got this face wash as a freebie with some hair coloring product from garnier. I had two tubes of this at home and I decided to give it a try. The words “gentle” “soap free” and “fruit extracts” felt reassuring.


Price: Rs.78 for 100g (I got mine for free)

My experience:

I have mixed opinions on this product. I felt the product to be too gentle to give me the “clean” face feel. This product does not lather at all and while washing I never get the soap free feel. It did not remove the oil which I applied on my face for removing makeup. But, when used along with the body shop facialbuffer, it does a decent job of cleaning the face. The product did not irritate my sensitive skin. It was indeed mild. It did not dry out my skin. Though i have dry skin, my skin gets a little oilier around the nose these days. It controls the oil for about 3 hours. 


I will sum up the pros and cons before moving on to the verdict.


1. Pocket friendly.
2. Travel friendly packing.
3. Does not irritate skin or cause breakouts.
4. Soap Free & mild.
5. Imparts a temporary fresh feel.


1. Not an effective cleanser.
2. Must be used along with some facial buffer or loofah to properly clean the face.
3. The freshness does not last more than an hour or so.


Recommended if you want a mild face wash to work with your facial buffer. Apart from that its nothing great.! I will not re-purchase it. I am using up mine as a night time cleanser along with my buffer to finish it off.

Hope you girls found the review useful


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  1. Hi Raji, Garnier products never worked for me. I liked only their BB cream. However, this seems avoidable, right?

    1. yup.. for ur oily skin, it will be just like water. :)

  2. Nice Review and pics Raji :)
    I was using Garnier fairness face wash in my college days...liked it very much :)

  3. You should have tried that "active" range .. its very good ..

    1. is it so? i will try them.. these r getting over

  4. nice review...i like my cleansers to remove my makeup too...so i think it wont work for me

  5. i remember using this long back...but don't remember how well the product fared then.... may be i will skip this in future... thanks for the review... :)


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