5 Apr 2013

Orange Nail Art with Steps

Hi friends,

Those who are there in my facebook would have already seen the picture of this manicure. I saw this design somewhere in internet and immediately fell in love with it.

Unlike most of nail art posts, I have added the steps which I took to recreate this mani.

Items Used:

1. Colorama laranga Citrico as base.
2. Tangarine from Revlon for creating the half fruit.
3. White acrylic for the lines
4. Lakme clear glass for sealing the design
5. A thin brush.
6. A q tip dipped in polish remover for cleaning.


1. Paint the base color and let it dry.

2. Once dry, use the tangerine to create a curve and fill it like so.

3. Take a little white paint in the brush and draw the outer curve and lines.

 4. Wait till dry and seal it with a top coat.

5. Clean up using a q-tip dipped in polish remover.

Hope you girls like it.

Thanks for showing so much love..

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  1. nails are luking juicy.. :P :D lovey raji.. u r a pro in nail art.. :D

  2. Nice art! You won't let them breathe it seems :-P e he

    1. hehe..! nope.. i think they r destined to suffer :P

  3. Loved the Nail art :) Thats a great tutorial...And you have done it so well..Kudos to you!

  4. wow <3
    Thanks for adding the steps for the mani :D
    I'm going to try it!

  5. love the nail art and esp the color, i having the love for orange color these days, i love everything orange :D

  6. fruity for the season!love it!

  7. this turned soo awesome and perfect for spring

  8. This is so creative ! I think I'm going to do it on my nails for this summer !


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