4 Apr 2013

The Body Shop Facial Buffer - Review

Hi Friends,

I am doing a product review post after a long time here. I have acne prone skin which is a little sensitive with abundance of black heads and whiteheads. I have to scrub my skin every now and then to keep the black and whiteheads at bay. It’s so tiresome.

Then, while I was shopping with a person who happens to be a little obsessed about body shop and lush, I saw this facial buffer and since it was priced at a reasonable Rs. 200/- I grabbed it.

Product Description:

Used with facial wash, this gentle exfoliating sponge will leave skin soft and smooth.
·         Removes dead skin cells
·         Helps facial wash lather
·         Stimulates skin microcirculation
·         Ideal for dry skin that needs regular exfoliation


Rs. 200/-

My Experience:

Though I initially thought the buffer to be harsh, it did not cause any break outs or irritation. Of course, I did not exert pressure and used it light-handedly.  I could see improvement in my skin in just three days time. The white heads and black heads around my nose were visibly reduced and the dark skin around my elbows visibly lightened. As I have acne prone skin, I don’t use the buffer more than once a day and it solves my entire whiteheads and blackheads problem.

Now summarizing  the pros and cons.


1. Exfoliates very well.
2. If used regularly, keeps skin clean and prevents white heads and black heads.
3. Helps lather product especially those which do not lather well.
4. Hassel free. You need not spend time separately on this as you can use it with face wash.
5. Though the buffer feels coarse it is not abrasive.
6. I used it on my elbows too and found it to be useful.
7. Has a ribbon handle to hold it.
8. Dries off easily.


1. Since the buffer is coarse, it should be used with caution.
2. As the product comes in contact with facial skin, cleanliness must be ensured and it cannot be shared.

Will I repurchase?

Already got a back up.

Will I recommend?


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  1. This is very new to me...Raji :) I will try this once Nice Review :)

  2. My sister has sensitive skin..it was too rough for her! :( but now she is using it well on body ;D

    1. oh yeah the buffer is coarse.. it will be helpful for her knees and elbows then.. :)

  3. oh nice, I was actually looking for something like this , I will surely pick it from TBS. Thanks for sharing Raji :)

    1. its very good provided you dont scrub too harsh... try it :)

  4. Hey! TBS for this price! And seems good too... Nice.

    1. hi JC.. yes i was also pleasantly surprised by d tag

  5. Nice product. Let me also try this out

  6. nbice review raji...il buy it next time i go there

    1. thank u dear.. do check the glove modeled one too

  7. Nice review Raji, gonna try this out soon. Could you please tell me, where to buy it online? Because I don't have a Body Shoo store nearby.

    *P.S.- I'm wearing the same nail color right now!! :P

    1. hi Sayantini... happy seeing u here.. body shop product r sold in jabong but they seem to have only d gift sets n stuff.. :'( i love this nail color... hi5


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