6 May 2013

Collab post with Ankita and Shweta - Nail Art

Hello Friends,

Am so excited for this post. Reason ???

****Drum Rolls****

It’s a collab post.!

Ankita of Makeup Style & Sugar, Shweta of Glam n Gloss and me have done a collab post. The Theme is Summer & Beachy look.

Ankita, who is coolness personified does the outfit which you can see here and Shweta who is very talented in make-up has done a coordinating FOTD here. Both of the looks can be effortlessly achieved and that adds tremendously to their “cool” factor.

I was to create a nail art that complimented their looks. I decided to go for bright nails that came close to the Lip color worn by Shweta with an accent which was close to ankita’s outfit. And as nothing screams fun like an animal print, I decided to add that on the accent as well. 

This is what i came up with: 

Items used for creating the mani:

Steps to create bright orange nails that scream summers with a turquoise blue animal print accent.

1. Paint all the nails with bright orange/coral color nail paint.
2. Draw a triangle with the accent nail paint. Use the shade which is nearest to your outfit shade.
3. Take a toothpick and dab a little black acrylic paint/nail polish and create a small pair of “c” facing each other. It must not be perfect so that it retains the natural animal print look. Again, with a toothpick, dab a little coral/orange nail polish which you used to paint the nails and create a dot in the middle of the pair of c’s you created just now.
4. Make sure the accent color is completely dry as the tooth pick may rip off the nail paint if not dry.
5. Let it dry and seal the design with a top coat. Simple isn’t it?

Did you guys liked the first collab post? Do comment and let me know about it.

BTW don't forget to check out Ankita's post here and Shweta's post here.

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