31 May 2013

VLCC Sweat Free Sun Block Lotion with SPF 40 PA+++ - REVIEW

Hello Friends,

I am so excited because I have decided to take up blogging with a little bit of seriousness. Yeah I have got my domain and it is indianbeautymaniac.net. Thank you very much for your support.

Today I am reviewing a sunblock lotion from VLCC. My HG sunblock is from Neutrogena and I am very much happy with it. I had purchased the huge pack during my monthly skin care haul and as I had to travel outstation I went to the nearby shop to buy a smaller travel friendly pack. There I saw this product at the counter and the words “sweat proof” caught my attention. When I noticed that it was priced at just Rs.95/- for a 30gm tube, I decided to give it a go.


Bright colorful summery tube with yellow, orange and white. It comes with a round screw cap. Though the cap closes tight and did not cause any apparent spillage, when I opened the cap after my train travel, I found lot of product trying to come out and it was very messy.  Hence though it looks compact and travel friendly, it needs to be opened with much caution after travel.

Product Texture and fragrance:

It is not so thick like a cream and it is not runny like a lotion. It is somewhere in between.  I am not able to describe the fragrance but the smell strongly reminds me of the rexona soap which I had used very long time back.  It is very fresh and herbal. The smell does not linger beyond 2-5 minutes of application.

Claims, Ingredients & directions:

They have mentioned only the active ingredients which make me wonder about the inactive ones. 
And, why they have mentioned that it needs to be applied 15-20 minutes before sun exposure? I have read that sunscreen needs to be applied 15-20 minutes before but sun block can be applied immediately before sun exposure. Any ideas? 

My Experience:

My expectations from a good sunblock is,

·         It must not be greasy,
·         It must not have a visible whitish cast.
·         It must not break me out and
·         It must offer decent sun protection.

I have dry – combination skin. In summers the T- Zone gets a little oily. Though it is not noticeable, that’s how it is.

When I used this product, I applied it on my moisturized face and it felt very greasy and heavy. For the entire day I had a feeling of having applied something oily on my face. The next day I skipped my moisturizer and tried it on in a much lesser quantity. It was okay.

It imparts an apparent whitish cast if worn alone. Though heavy, the product surprisingly did not break me out. As per their “sweat free” claim, this controlled my sweat very much. I am having mixed opinions on this because, they have mentioned only active ingredients in the packing, product feels heavy on the face and it stops/controls sweating. Does it mean that it blocks my pores???

As for the sun protection, it has SPF 40 and I did not tan. I am happy and thankful for it. I spent around 1.5 to 2 hours under the sun in 30 degree Celsius environment.


Now summarizing the product’s pros and cons:


1. SPF 40 and PA+++ (provides protection against UVA and UVB rays)
2. Has *comfrey plant extract.  
3. Beautiful and bright packing.
4. Offers decent sun protection.
5. Nice not so over powering fragrance.
6. Did not cause break-outs.
7. Controls sweat to a great extent.
8. Pocket friendly.


1. Non- greasy claim is not true. It has Greasy and heavy texture.
2. Imparts whitish cast.
3. Not suitable for oily or normal skinned people.

Verdict:  This product did not satisfy me. It is very greasy and just-not-suitable. You can skip it with a happy smile.

Hope your girls found the review useful.



  1. Nice review raji.. i have to skip this my skin is too oily :(

    1. thank u vipra.. it is sooo oily even for my dry skin.. so dont even think about it :D

  2. Oh this is not at all suitable for me Raji, I will try the Neutrogena one then.

    1. yeah nisha.. u have oily skin na.. dont even go near this

  3. This is definitely not for me then! I have a combination skin Raji..This may make me oily na...

  4. Hey Hi Raji!!! Nice Review..Is it good for chennai heat??

  5. Greasy? A big NO for me.. Thanks for the review Raji :)


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