3 Jun 2013

At Home Health Hacks! by Preethi Bansal

Hello Friends,

I am back with my second post.!

We all would have come across some or the other at home remedies for illness like cold, stomach ache, mouth ulcers etc. When our mothers used to suggest that we gulp down a weird tasting kashayam we used to do it and get relieved from the sickness. I am sharing some home remedies which I have been told by my mother and grandmother and which I have also used and found effective. 

I would like to tell that these remedies worked for me and as they are natural, they are unlikely to cause any adverse side effect. However if problem persists you must contact a physician.

1. Suffering from Dysentery???

Don’t worry. Just take a teaspoon of tea leaves (the one used in our kitchen to make tea) and gulp it down with water. Believe me your tummy will be happy. Sometimes during worse conditions this needs to be repeated just once more.

2. Sore throat, throat pain, dry cough?

Take a cup of tea. sip in half of it and add water to the other half to make a full cup again. Now drink this and your throat will be just fine.

3. Stomach Pain (most of us are forced to go through this)

In this condition i always take a teaspoon of carom seeds mixed with 1/4th tea spoon black salt. If black salt is not available, u can also add table salt and munch it or gulp it down with little water. It realllllllllllly helps. Because this cleans our bowel system. If required you can take this twice as well after a break of say 3 - 4 hrs.  

4. Do you catch cold too often

This one is for those who catch cold too often. I know people who get it almost every week for no reason. (My dad and sister were 2 of the many)

Just make a mixture by combining few almonds (mamra variety), Black pepper seeds and Bura (Dry grainy powdered sugar - available in any north Indian grocery shop). Mixture should be such that when u taste, it should be little sweet. Just take a spoon of this mixture with a glass of hot milk in the night daily. you will just be fine within 2 weeks.

Hope you'll try it and like it.

Stay Healthy :) :)
Preethi Bansal. 


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