3 Jun 2013

MUA Eyeshadow in shade 17 Matte - Review, EOTD

Hey girls,

Happy Monday.

Now don’t raise your eyebrows. I know I am on a makeup ban. But that doesn't stop me from publishing the old posts right? :D I got this eye shadow along with my MUA power pout purchase. I wanted a matte shade that just brightened my lids and this shade was strongly recommended by my friends.

This is an MLBB shade. Now don’t get confused. By MLBB I meant, my lids but better. :D yeah it is a perfect shade that makes my eyelids looks polished and better.

I need not tell much about the MUA brand or its eye shadows. They are the best eye shadows that come in the 1 GBP tag. Some of their matte shades are to die for. They have very good pigmentation and if used above a base, they stay for a really decent time.

The single shadows come in a tiny little pan with transparent spherical lid. The lid closes tight making it a suitable travel buddy.

This particular shade is highly versatile as it can be used to define the brow bone, it can be used as an overall lid color and it can be used to set the concealer under the lower lids. I don’t have bad pigmentation issues but yes I do have some tiny capillaries that show through the skin. This shade is perfect for covering them up. The pigmentation is surprisingly superb for a 1 GBP product.  This particular shade had negligible fall outs. It blends well and is not chalky at all.


Now to its pros and cons:


1. Just 1 GBP.
2. Very versatile shade.
3. Decent pigmentation.
4. Minimal fall outs
5. Easy to apply and blend.
6. Travel friendly.
7. Did not crease on my lids.


1. Available only online.

Verdict:  I strongly recommend this shade to everyone who has fair to medium complexion as you girls will be surely impressed with this product’s multitasking abilities.


In the EOTD’s I have used this eyeshadow on the upper and lower lids. Can you see it???

Hope you girls loved the review.



  1. Loved your EOTD! :) Nice review Raji..

  2. I am liking this shade.. so nice for everyday wear.. good review Rajalakshmi :)

    1. thanks for commenting natasha.. yeah it is a cool shade for daily wear

  3. It looks pretty natural on u Raji .. Love the way u applied your liner :)

  4. great for a neutral eyeshadow!

  5. Hi you have a Very Nice Blog. . .
    what about we follow each other? let me know :)

  6. I loved the shade :) & your eotd is gorg :)


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