8 Jul 2013

AVON Illuminating Face Pearls - Review

Hi Girls,

I like AVON products for their quality and pocket friendliness. I had an eye on the oriflame face pearls but when I saw this one at an offer, I got it.

This is priced at Rs.900/- but it will easily be available at an offer as it is a famous product from AVON.

The product comes in a black plastic tub. Though the packing looks huge, it is not heavy. The cap is screw type and fits well.

I have taken the above picture in artificial lighting and i dont know why it looks very different here. 

Initially when I opened the packing and saw the pearls, they looked more like a highlighter. I used it to highlight my cheekbones, bridge of the nose etc and it worked well. It is not too shimmery and can be worn in day time as well.

After seeing a couple of videos in youtube, I tried dusting it on my entire face for a party. It did not look OTT at all and gave me a nice and healthy glow.

For a couple of days I am using this face pearls in my daily makeup and I find their staying power to be good. They did not crease or get patchy. The texture is very fine and blends well when we use it as a highlighter.

I am medium to fair toned person and I feel these pearls to be too light to be used as a bronzer or blusher. Overall, I am happy with my purchase.

This is how the pearls look in real. 

The only drawback I found apart from the lack of shade selection is, it is little difficult to pick up the color from the pearls by using a smaller brush.



Summing up the likes and dislikes. 


1. Decent staying power.
2. Gives a nice glow when used on the entire face.
3. Highlights well.
4. Does not look glittery.


1. Too light to be used as a bronzer or blusher.
2. Hard to pick the color from the pearls with a smaller brush.
3. Only one shade available.
4. Available only through AVON representatives.


Love this product. I will repurchase this product. But, it is going to take a long time for me to exhaust the present one. Recommended for medium to fair and light skinned ladies.

Maniac’s rating: Very Good.

Hope you girls liked the review.


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  1. Avon products are generally good. I wonder why they don't come into the common retailing scene. I love their blush which I have. Anyways I find their packing really boring.

    1. if they are available in retail shops they'd b a huge hit..

  2. I have these pearls lying in my stash..personally i find the staying power very low for its price...it hardly stays for 2 hours..

    Do check out the giveaways on my Blog

    1. awww.. do u have oily skin?? cuz for me they stay for a long time..

  3. I had used the oriflame one years ago, I find using this ball thingy difficult, but the color looks perfect for highlighting. nice review:)

    1. yes suhandha.. its a lil difficult to pick up an even color with certain brushes..

  4. hey nice review.. would have loved it if its shown on ur face :)
    and im following you now on GFC.
    Sorry that i should have joined earlier.


    1. hi Appu...!!! Thank u for following and commenting.. Its so good to c u here.. :)

  5. Nice review Raji :) It seems a nice product from Avon .. I love their Nail-Paints :)

  6. Great Review Raji! Havn't tried Avon much really but this seems to be like a really nice product....

    1. Thank u Richa :) do check this brand out.. they have some really good products

  7. looks like a gr8 pro
    nice review R.M

  8. pretty ...i also have these pearl n looks soo cute..
    nice review raji :)


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