24 Jul 2013


Hi Girls,

In summers, my otherwise dry skin gets a little oily on the T-Zone and is more prone for blackheads prompting me to (sincerely) do a face clean up every month. I wanted a mild exfoliating face wash which I could use daily to keep my nose area fresh without making my overall skin even drier. I got this product and have been using it for the past 2 months. I guess I am ready to review it.

Wish you could keep your skin looking clean and oil free despite your hectic daily life? 

Garnier Pure Exfoliating face wash:
Is an effective daily face wash for combination to oily skin that helps to remove excess oil and imperfections and helps to prevent them from re-appearing.
Its unique formula blends an alcohol-free gel with active ingredients.

o   Micro-particles exfoliate the dead skin cells.
o   A deep cleansing agent purifies pores and helps to prevent imperfections.

Price: Rs. 125/- for 100 ml.

Usage & Ingredients: 

PackingThe product comes in a white plastic tube with a screw cap which is travel friendly. It is basic and functional. Nothing fancy.

Texture: The texture of the face wash is runny. It has tiny blue exfoliating beads suspended on a gel base. The face wash is so runny that, every time I try to get it out of the tube, I end up getting more than required. I guess a pump dispenser would have been great.

Fragrance: It has a strong bitter herbal fragrance which is predominantly of neem and eucalyptus. As I have used lot of herbal stuffs in my childhood, the fragrance is not as overwhelming as it would for someone who is new to such fragrances.

Now coming to the performance part, it does the job of mild exfoliation very well. The beads are very small that they will never irritate the skin. It is NOT a scrub but something that would maintain your fresh face till the next clean up session. It is not drying. It lathers up decently. It cleanses well and it is not harsh. I have dry, acne prone and extremely sensitive skin. I use this face wash daily in the mornings for the past two months and it has not irritated my skin even once.

I find it difficult to wash off the product completely from my face. It requires more water than my other face washes. May be because its soap free? I don’t know. That said, my face feels incredibly clean and smooth after using this product. I don’t have the dry stretchy feeling. It keeps my face fresh for about 4 hours when I have no makeup on which is pretty impressive.

Though they have mentioned that it is apt for oily to combination skin, I use it on my dry – combination skin and it works fine. It is not moisturizing but works fine. I don’t think it will do a great job in an oily skin.


1. Very gentle and apt for daily mild exfoliation.
2. Soap Free.
3. Small quantity is required.
4. Has eucalyptus extract.
5. Did not irritate my skin or make it feel dry.
6. Cleanses well.
7. Pocket friendly.
8. Easily available.


1. Requires more water to wash off.
2. Strong herbal fragrance.
3. May not be suitable for oily skin.
4. This is not a substitute for scrub.

Maniac’s Rating: 4/5.

As it mildly exfoliates, obviously the recurrence of black heads is very much slowed down. It is not potent enough to remove the black heads or cure them. But yes, if you start using this product after a cleanup session, it will definitely maintain your face the same way till the next session.

Recommended for Combination – dry skin in summers.

I am already in my third tube and will definitely repurchase till the summers are over.  

Hope you girls found my review useful. Have you tried the Garnier Pure Exfoliating face wash?


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  1. Nice review Raji, so true this one is so runny I always ended up using too much product than required.

    1. Thank u suganda.. it it had a dispenser it would be great na

  2. oh i love these kinds of face washes, I think Garnier makes best face washes :)

    1. yes shweta.. i used d one u suggested before this.. it was very good too

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Ritika.. do try and share your experience :)


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