26 Jul 2013

Hot Oil bath with Sesame oil and Shikakai Powder – The Best Medicine

Hey girls,

What you pay to a doctor, Pay it to the (edible) oil merchant – So goes an old saying. 

Recently I started getting heat related problems like having a heat boil, feeling giddy, stomach ache etc which was again aggravated by the intake of medicines. When I complained to my mum, she asked me to get regular with my weekly oil treatments.

She even bought certain ingredients which I will be listing out later in this post and prepared a powder to use along with the hot oil treatment.

The entire process of applying the oil and bathing takes about 2 hours and I do it on my weekend.

I have been strictly following this for the past 3 weeks and I am able to see and feel the results. I feel relaxed, my heat related problems have come down very well, my skin is glowing and my hair feels healthy..

Another point worth noticing is I had dark and dry skin in my elbows, knees and ankles. After these three weeks, I am noticing visible changes. The dry areas now look nourished and healthy. My friend noticed this and asked how the darkness which was so obvious initially had reduced.

This process is no secret and like my mum even your mother would be aware of it. Anyways I decided to share it in my blog to benefit the ones who are new to this.

I use sesame seed oil. I apply it on skin, hair etc and let it soak in for half an hour. Once that is over, I rinse it off with the specially prepared Shikakai bath powder. I use the same bath powder for my hair as well as my skin.

Items Required for making the bath powder:

1.Shikakai (Acacia concinna) – 1 Kg.
2.Green Gram – 200 grams.
3.Fenugreek – 1 Teaspoon.
4.Reetha (Sapindus Emarginata) also known as boodhikottai in Tamil Nadu – 200 grams.

Additional Ingredients that can be added based on preference:

1. Dried hibiscus flower petals. 
2. Curry leaves.
3. Dried Amla.
4. Tulsi Leaves.

How to: You need to spread the stuffs in a newspaper or a plate and let it dry under hot sun for three to four days. Shikakai is very tricky as it attracts moisture easily. You can check if the shikakai is ready for grinding by breaking it. After drying, when you touch it or bend it, it should feel crisp. It should not feel rubbery. If it feels rubbery, then let it dry for some more time.

Once the sun starts to set, store the dried/semi-dried stuffs in an air tight container.

After drying the stuffs, Grind them together to make a powder. The powder will feel very soft. There are lots of shops in South India where you can go and get it done.

You must once again store the powder in an air tight container and make sure you do not touch them with wet hands/spoons etc.

This powder can be used for both hair and skin. If you are using it on your skin, just add a pinch of katuri haldi in it.

This powder, along with the sesame oil does wonders for your hair, skin and overall health. Heat related problems will never even turn to your side.

The only disadvantage of doing this treatment is (especially when you are new to such oil treatments) you will end up feeling slightly oily as sesame oil is very thick. Do not worry. Make sure you stay at home on that day and take rest.

My Tip: After this hot oil bath, treat yourself to a hot and spicy South Indian pepper rasam. You will feel wonderful.

If you are more prone to cold then keep this oil for five to ten minutes initially and make sure you don’t take cold stuffs like tender coconut on that day. Sesame oil is known for its cooling properties.

My mum makes a fragrance powder at home which is to be applied on the hair and body after washing the oil with the bath powder. Unlike the bath powder which we use to scrub off, this fragrance powder is applied and allowed to sit in the hair and skin for 5 minutes and rinsed off. It gives the most amazing fragrance ever.

I will do a separate post about it later.

Hope you girls found this post useful.


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  1. I wish someone could make this magic powder for me!

    1. u can ask mummy na nisha.. these would be even more famous at ur native place..

  2. Ditto I feel.. wish someone could make this and send it across to me! :)

    1. Hi Nivedita.. thanks for commenting.. yeah it is a pain to make :D and yes having an over protective mum helps.. LOL

  3. Awesome D.I.Y Raji !! :) Loved it <3 and truly said in the above comment "an over protective mum helps :D" .. Our moms are more possessive about our hair than us ;)

  4. The good old Shikkakai preparation by mom is the best, no matter how many shampoo or conditioner come by!!!
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  5. Loved this DIY. I toodunno abt it. Will definitely try but I wish it were available in the market so that I can buy anduse. Lazy me... :P


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