5 Jul 2013

Kryolan Blusher Palette - Mini Review & Swatch

Hello Girls,

Happy Friday.! Today I am going to review a great product from the brand Kryolan. One of the best things about beauty blogging is, you get to be introduced to some really good brands like Kryolan.

I just love their powder blushes. I am in a “blush” phase now. I am not stepping out of the house without a blush on. J

I am not a hoarder. I plan and make one single purchase that will be good. My friend told me to get kryolan’s blusher palette as it offers five shades at just Rs.1000/-. I rushed to the store and the SA found me the most versatile palette available. And, that’s how I got this product.

They come in a metal box packed in a cardboard box. The metal box is not pretty but it is very slim and sleek that it won’t end up occupying the precious space of my vanity. I don’t think the box will be travel friendly. Once I purchased a single blush from kryolan only to find it broken as I reached home. I guess their blushes are so powdery that they won’t withstand my treatment.

I heard that the blush palette can be custom made as well but I just went and selected one form the varieties they already had. The shades I got are,

1. Mandarin – Orange.
2. Mocca – Muddy brown
3. F22 – earthen red.
4. Youthred – This color reminds me of flames. Red color with yellow-orange undertones.
5. R6 – Dark Pink (Rose)

Close up

The last three. 

All the shades are amazingly pigmented, non-chalky and blend well. It stays put for almost 5 hours in my skin (dry). My favorite shades in this palette is, mandarin and youth red.

Considering the price of the individual blush which is at Rs.350/-, paying Rs.1000/- for five shades is a steal. So, have you grabbed your blush palette?


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  1. Hey Raji, I too got the palette but one shade is different for me. I have a pale peach shade too instead of F22

    1. yeah i saw that in d shop too. But i wont use tat pale peach one. It wont even show up well.. so i got this one instead. :)

  2. Nice post, and lovely swatches.

  3. wow.. i think il buy this. so pigmented na..

    1. Yes dear. they r so pigmented and worth every single penny.. :)go and check d other shades in d shop. you can even get them in 10 blush palette for 2000/- too :)

  4. lovely pics & gr8 shades! :)

  5. Amazing Swatches! Just loved all of them... :)

  6. Pretty shades and swatches dear !! :)

  7. Great shades and cool swatches :)


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