14 Jul 2013

L'Óreal Million Lashes Mascara in Extra black

Hello Friends,

Hope you all are doing great. I am typing this review with my HP Windows 8 laptop which is very cool. I am so excited. Okay all that excitement apart, I am going to review the product which has been my friend for a couple of months. It is the L'Óreal Million Lashes Mascara in Extra black.

Couple of months ago, I had this strange desire to go and try out a new brand of mascara though I was happy with my regular Maybelline one. I went to the health and glow outlet and things happened in such a way that I ended up getting this mascara as a gift.

Price: Rs. 700/-

Don't just volumize, millionize your lashes with our New mascara: Volume Million Lashes.
The in-built excess wiper removes excess mascara for no clumps and the millionizer brush separates lashes for a fanned out lash look.

The Millionizer brush has a multitude of bristles to separate lashes for a fanned-out lash effect. The elastomer applicator is ultra flexible with both long and short bristles to coat each lash evenly from root to tip.

My Experience:

I tried it on and OMG I was so surprised by the length and volume this product imparted to my lashes.

This product comes in a classy black and gold packing. The spool/wand is very thick and does a neat job in coating all the lashes evenly. I have few lashes in the extreme corner of my eyes where almost no mascara wand reaches and this mascara is no exception to that. I have no complaints as I cannot speak badly about a product for the weird placement of lashes in my eyes.

The formula is moderately thick and the excess product picked by the wand is retained with the help of these “Excess Wipers” in the bottle. 

The mascara did not clump initially. But as the months go by, the product thickens and mildly clumps. The product has the typical mascara smell which is not pleasant. The product stays intact throughout the day and though it is not water proof, it requires makeup remover to remove it easily.


On my eyes:

I can speak for days about the compliments I received because of this mascara but let me just move on with the likes and dislikes.


1.       Stays fresh throughout the day.
2.       Gives amazing volume and length.
3.       Has these “Excess wipers” to retain the excess from the sides of the brush.
4.       Does not Clump.
5.       Does not give heaviness to the lashes.
6.       As claimed gives the nice fanned out effect to the lashes.


1.       Not water-proof.


I just love this mascara. Will definitely repurchase till I start finding Clinique ones pocket friendly. Highly recommended.

Hope you girls found my reviews useful.

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Note: When i purchased this from the health and glow outlet, i found that the "fresh" piece was NOT sealed. When asked, the SA responded saying that L'Oreal Mascaras wont come in sealed form. I returned the product to her telling that i dont want an unsealed cosmetic. She opened a case in front of me (new stock) and took out a mascara which was again not sealed. None of the mascaras in the box were sealed. As the product looked and seemed fresh (when i opened the cap and found the opening to be new with no traces of the spool/wand being pulled out) i accepted it. I really wonder whether L'Oreal "really" fails to seal its mascaras or if the parcel received by the particular shop had unsealed pieces. What ever it is, it is NOT the way to sell an eye-product by a decent brand. I have not mentioned it in the review because, i do not know if it had only happened to me or its the universal phenomenon. 


  1. Nice review Raji .. Lovely swatches :)

  2. Wow Raji, I am surely getting this one!

    1. it is worth every penny they charge dear.. so get it

  3. i love the after effect.
    but sadly i hate mascaras for their short shelf span :(
    cant hoard them

    1. that's y i think about million times before buying a costlier one.. we ll be throwing it away in a couple of months.. Thank u for ur comment dear

  4. I have used this ome and its really nice and the end results r fantanstic.nice review :)

  5. Oh that's really shocking. Especially for a product like mascara whose actual usability period is just a couple of months!

  6. Great Review! U can really see the difference.... :)


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