18 Jul 2013

My First Attempt in Saran Wrap Manicure - NOTD

Hello Friends,

I am back with a manicure post. My nail bed is very short. So if i sport nail paints when my nails are so short, it looks very bad and ugly. I waited and waited and waited for almost 20 days (oh. its just 20 days but it feels so long) for my nails to grow to a decent length. I couldn't wait more. So i did a manicure yesterday.

My nails are so short. I have done my best to make them look less ugly, but if you hate looking at short nails, treat this as a warning.

I tried the saran wrap technique. This is my first time in it. And oh yes.. I treated my feet too.

I read some where that adding a little Listerine mouth wash into the soak bucket does good. I tried it and Lo Behold, all the dirt were almost floating in bucket. I was so surprised. I have never got a perfect pedicure at home. I really dont know if adding Listerine does bad or good. But it worked for me. So i guess there is nothing wrong in adding some during the monthly pedicure session.

Hope you liked the mani.

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    what is a saran wrap mani?? and thank u for the mouthwash tip! :)


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