7 Jul 2013

Ponds White Beauty All-in-One BB+ Fairness Cream - Review

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Today’s post is going to be about the PONDS  White Beauty BB+ cream. I may be the last one ever to review the product but I was determined to share my views no matter how late it is.

My expectation from this cream were,

Brightening effect.
Mild coverage.
Dry skin friendly.
Decent Staying power.

This BB cream comes in an elegant packing retailing at Rs. 125/- for 18g and Rs.69/- for 9g. 

Closer look at the nozzle:

The cream is thick. On the initial application, I squeezed out a sizable amount and found it to be cakey. I had very hard time blending it. I made the mistake of not wearing any moisturizer beneath it. After a couple of days, I again tried it on. This time, my face was well moisturized and I applied a little quantity and started blending well with my fingers. Surprisingly, the product did not look cakey and it gave me the most wonderful coverage. Obviously it did not give full coverage, but it covered my mild pigmentations, redness etc which is very good. The shade was apt and it did not make me look ghostly. The cream gives a nice brightening effect and sets to a matte finish which I personally like. It makes my face look fresh all day long.

As summers are pretty harsh here, I always set my makeup with a setting powder and this cream wears well under a setting powder. I am an office going person who never has the pleasure of touching up makeup. This cream never budged and stayed for the whole day. I wore it on a day time shopping trip and this cream did not crease.

This cream does not blend well if blended with a brush. It required the heat of our fingers to blend and give a perfect finish. Another thing is, this is NOT a product for dry skinned people. Moisturization is very important without which the cream just don’t glide on the skin.

The cream has a mild and nice "ponds" fragrance. Apart from helping me achieve a nice bright face, this cream did not do anything in helping with my skin tone or spots and blemishes. I never expected it to help me with them so I don't have any complaints.  


I have not blended the cream completely. I have just spread it to show its semi-matte texture.


Now summing up the likes and dislikes


1. Very decent coverage for a BB cream.
2. Nice fragrance.
3. Good Staying power.
4. Did not breakout my acne prone skin.
5. Has SPF 30.
6. Affordable and easily available.
7. Does not feel heavy if applied properly.
8. Required less quantity.


1. Not dry skin friendly.
2. Little difficult to blend.
3. Shade selection is not available and this shade may not suit the dusky skinned.
4. May look cakey if used more than required.
5. Comes with the infamous skin "lightening" claim. 


Nice product for everyday use though dry skinned ladies may require additional moisturization. I will repurchase it till I find the perfect tinted cream suitable for dry skin.

Maniac's rating: Good. 

Hope you all liked the review.

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  1. Nice Review Raji .. The header looks beautiful dear <3

  2. Dont worry dear you are not the last one to review thid bb cream...lol. great review, very detailed. Thank you :)

  3. I like Pond's BB cream. It's really good for my skin during summers. Nice review.:)

  4. Nice review Raji. Will definitely try it out :)


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