24 Aug 2013

31 Day Nail Art Challenge - Stamping

Hello Friends,

Yup the challenge is still on. I did the nail art when ever i got time. Though doing one daily was really tough, i still managed to do few nail arts but didn't have the time to edit and post it. I normally do my review posts  etc in the weekends or when ever i get time. Then i schedule them so that i need not be bothered on busy days. 

Taking this challenge created a special respect for those who do it successfully. The 31 day challenge is so tough. Doing the nails everyday, having to go to work and all that. Besides, it also takes toll on the nails due to frequent use of polish removers. 

So apart from today's challenge, i will be posting the ones which i missed too.

I did a disney princess stamping for today. Yes today's challenge is Stamping. 

Day 3 - Green 

Day 13 - Striping Tape

Day 19 - Stars

Hope you all like these.

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  1. :) :) super pretty nail art.. I'm in love with disney theme.. :)

    1. Thank u Gowthami. I love it too.. As my nail have grown a lil i had more control with d design

  2. Love them all .. esp that snowwhite stamp

  3. these are so cute, green, pink and silver beautiful. Infact I like all of them

  4. WOW !! These are cuties up here - loved the Disney one the most <3 <3 <3 :* Awesome nail art Raji <3

  5. Loved all of them but the disney one was my favorite. Hats off to you for doing so many nail arts....Raji!!!

  6. Loved all of them dear :) The Disney ones are the cutest but....Amazing Nail arts done Raji!

  7. These nail arts look lovely :)

  8. Such a lovely NOTD's the first one is super cute .. and those last two looks lovely too.. u did a great job dear. :)


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