7 Aug 2013

AVON Glimmerstick in Magestic Plum - REVIEW and SWATCH

Hello Friends,

Today I am reviewing a favorite shade of mine from the AVON Glimmerstick range. I got this shade along with the AVON Glimmerstick in Starry night blue.

I love these liners very much. They are creamy, long staying and affordable.

This shade is a dark almost black plum color that looks absolutely gorgeous. This is my most favourite color when it comes to eye makeup. This shade is very flattering and as it is almost black, it can be worn by people who are new to colored liners without feeling awkward.

I got it for Rs. 199/- but they retail for Rs. 299/- I guess.

As apart from the color, most of the features were already discussed in the review of AVON Glimmerstick in Starry Night Blue, I am jumping directly to the likes and dislikes.


1. Pocket friendly.
2. Superb pigmentation.
3. Smooth creamy texture.
4. Smudge and water resistant.
5. Gorgeous, wearable color.
6. Safe for sensitive eyes.
7. Retractable form so product wastage due to sharpening is not there.


1. Smudges when it is wet and rubbed off.
2. Available only via an Avon rep.
3. Too creamy that it tends to break.


In this purple eye look i did few days back, i have used this liner to line the upper lash line.

Maniac’s rating:  5/5 for the color and 4/5 for the pencils on the whole.

Verdict: I just LOVE the color. Will definitely repurchase this shade. These are one of the decent and pocket friendly colored liners in the market.

Hope you girls found the review useful. 

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  1. I so wanna get my hands on these .. but as of now I have too many liner pencils .. but excellent review :)

    1. Thank u dear.. hehe.. but u must try these once.. :D

  2. Nice review Raji! (h)
    loving the new look and feel of your blog :) (o)
    Cute smielys too ;) :p

    1. Thank u rajani.. i love d smilees too .. i find them funny.. =))

  3. Looks like a lovely product. Nice review Raji :)

  4. Hey I thought you would be giving a EOTD with this. The shade looks intensely pigmented in the swatch. But once I had bought the grey shade i this range but it just doesn't get applied on my lids since it was so dry and hard to use.

    1. Nisha, i did one purple look na, there i had used this eyeliner only to line d upper lash line.. i will put that picture here also.. Yes i faced similar issue with d shimmery grey one. You try the same shade from maybelline pencils. It is very good.

  5. By the way your blog looks to unique with this new look. Thumbs up for that! (h) :) cheer

  6. Nice review Raji :) Looks a great product (o) .. I guess its time to call the Avon dealer in my area ;)

    1. Haha yes.. but remember each and every shade differs in quality and texture.. d blue one n this are very good.. cheer

  7. I just love this EOTD's of yours Raji, this pencil seems like a great budget buy, nice review.

    1. this s d only decent looking one Sugandha... so i intend to make d best use of it :D :-)


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