31 Aug 2013

Floral Stamping on Pink Nails - NOTD

Hello Ladies,

Last few days were very hectic. Not in the work front but on a personal front. So depressing that i was crying for the entire night. Some how like how all bad days come to a positive end, I kind of over came that and guess what?

I shaped my nails and did this cute little manicure. Who knew painting nails can be so therapeutic. 

So, this is what i did. I painted my nails with a light pink shade and made stripes using a dark pink. To make it dressy, i stamped floral designs with a black polish. This black polish is from a local brand. It was priced at Rs. 25/-. I have never painted them on my nails. I tried stamping with them and viola. It stamps so well. Yes. I am off to that shop now to pick up every possible shade.

Hope you girls loved this.

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  1. loved this!!!
    whats d base shade name??? its just amazing!!!

    1. its candy power from Lakme 9 to 5 collection dear

  2. wow this is amazing ... but u know with stamping nail art , black polish works best !

  3. Thats very pretty stamping art Raji :) .. I love your Nails n Nail Art <3


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