28 Aug 2013


Hello Friends,

Today I am reviewing the famous IKONIC pencil liner in Black. These are a huge hit in the beauty world. Every third person was raving about how great these pencils are. As I am a Kajal addict and as i will not go more than maximum three days without lining my waterline, I wanted to get it too.

I inquired about them at the Kryolan Store and they told that they were phony and are not a kryolan product. But anyways what can stop a determined mind? I ordered this with a FB store. As I have just purchased few colored liners from colorbar, I did not want to give my wallet another heart attack. Hence I ordered only the black shade.

Once I received it in my hand, the first thing I noticed was, it felt heavier than the normal kohl pencils. It is a black pencil with golden lettering. The cap fits quite well and yes it requires sharpening.

I got it for Rs. 250/-

Texture & Pigmentation:

The texture of the product is rich and creamy. It is so creamy that you may have to re-sharpen it after lining one eye. The tip becomes flat soon. Hence, I prefer using an angled brush for lining my eyes as it gives better control over the product usage and I need not have to re-sharpen it frequently.

The pigmentation is awesome. I am a kohl user for the past 10 years and none apart from the Amyway attitude eyeliner in BlackCoal has swept me off my feet when it came to pigmentation and staying power. I almost gave up on the fact that there will be better kohl in the market. But this pencil just quashed them all. I am officially impressed. 

Staying Power:

On my lash line, It stays forever. It is like semi-permanent. It does not smudge or smear or melt. It just stays on and on for hours. The best part? It doesn't even lose its intensity over time. It maintains the freshly applied look.

On my waterline, it stays for long time too. But i strongly recommend you to read about my experience and I really don’t advise you or even my worst enemy to use it in their waterline.

My Bad Experience:

I do not have sensitive eyes. When I tried it on my waterline, immediately upon application, I felt a weird heaviness in my waterline. It felt as if I have put a very dry, immovable, stiff thing on my waterline. I ignored it (BIG MISTAKE) and started to office thinking that the feeling will go away. Once I reached my office, I noticed that my eyes have become watery for no reason. I get watery eyes after drizzles or mild rains due to heat. I thought it was due to that reason and continued to concentrate on my work. It became so uncomfortable at one point that I went to nearby shop and got baby oil so that I can remove this stuff. AND THERE, I noticed that my eyes have become red. Not the normal “I got dust in my eyes” red. It was “I am a blood thirsty vampire” red. It looked so scary. I immediately removed it and for the next three days I used lubricating eye drops that we had at our home as my doc was out of station. My eyes became normal. It is not advised to use any medication without consulting your doctor but in my case I just had no choice and I did not want to consult another doctor.  

Now let’s return to our review. It does not have any bothering fragrance and sets almost immediately. 

Swatches & Smudge Test- For comparison i have used my beloved Amway Attitude Kajal. 

Please ignore the mild feathering in the first picture. Immediately after application i got involved in a mild rugby game with my dad as he snatched my camera. 

Smudge & water test: 

Did you notice the faint remains of the Ikonic pencil even after washing them off with a hand wash liquid? It is of Industrial strength i guess. :D

This is my EOTD taken during that fateful day. I used Kryolan Angled brush for application.

Let me sum up the pros and cons:


1.    Great pigmentation.
2.    Super creamy.
3.    Awesome staying power.
4.    Comfortable packing.
5.    Pocket friendly


1.    NOT waterline safe.
2.    Not easily available.

Maniac’s Rating: 5/5 for lash line and let me just say it is NOT safe for using in the waterline.

It is really good. But I don’t think I will be repurchasing it again as I am quite satisfied with my old one. It may not have the perfect pigmentation. But I can close my eyes and use it in my waterline (its not possible practically though).

Recommended if you want a nice liner for lining your lashline especially if you are oily skinned. Not recommended for waterline use.

Some useful Info:

I wrote to Kryolan Chennai asking them why they are not stocking up the ikonic pencils (though they are not stocking up any good product, I chose to stick with the ikonic pencils). Their marketing head Sina was very sweet in replying me back. She told that they are already aware about the problem and are preparing a press release. She also added that the Ikonic Gel Liner Pencils do not belong to the KRYOLAN Range. The product was sold along with their products and associate thereby with the KRYOLAN-brand. Although it has nothing to do with it. It is manufactured by some other German cosmetic company named Schwan Cosmetics.

Hope you girls found my review useful.

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  1. The color and pigmentation looks so good ! but after your experience I'm afraid to try it on my lash line also.

    1. ya d color n pigmentation s good.. BUT.. BUT... :D

  2. I hope you're fine dear ? That was a major con - Its an alluring stuff but definitely not gonna use it on waterline :)
    Lovely detailed review - You do so much of home work sweets :) (h)
    Lovely EOTD :)

    1. thank u Vipra. I love ur encouraging words.. <3 :) :)

  3. U have very pretty eyes and with the liner like that they look like eyes of a dancer :).
    well I m having same issues with this liner , i am not able to wear it on my water line ..

    1. WOW thanks Shweta... m blushing... WOW another person who has isssues with this. Thank u.. so am not the only one.. (b) :D

  4. It's very affordable. I will be definitely trying it. Lovely eyes.:)

  5. Hi Guyz, its good amazing isnt it !
    just to let you guys know we @ BEAUTY PALACE MUMBAI have put in 3 yrs of research into this and finally arrived at this SOS! product THE IKONIC GEL LINER PENCIL , friends and fans gel eye liners are different from Kohls!
    ideally gel eye liners are liners applied on the outer rims of the eyes;
    putting it on the waterline has become a habit and trend but we must understand kohls technically are for water lines, the best idea is to see how it suits each one individually and accordingly use it .
    unfortunately we keep running out of stock with this product and keep getting more for you all in case if your unaware of the availability you can order via an email at us it at info@beautypalace.in
    This products is a BEAUTY PALACE INNOVATION and holds no connection with the brand KRYOLAN.

    1. thank u Mr. Merchant for taking your time to comment. Is is manufactured by Beauty Palace or marketed??

    2. Hi, these are marketed by Beauty Palace its manufactured by a German based company.

  6. The liner look good but you are right something just areant made for use on waterline.. I have faced similar issue with Chambor Color tattoo.. :(

    Pretty Eyes though.. :)

  7. Oh that's bad Raji. However the pencil is so pigmented. I have similar one in Colorbar I-glide pencil in the shade Blackout. Same problem is there with that one also. You stick to some known brands like Lakme Eyeconic or Kohl Ultimate. As far as I have seen Lakme Kohl Ultimate is the best. I didnt like MAC Smolder also that much.

    1. thank u Nisha. :) i guess am happy with my amway one

  8. Your EOTD looks really nce but the cons... Oh no.

  9. ohhhh no now m scared to even try this.. :( hope yr eye is bettrer nw.. i may try one of these bt nt on waterline..


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