17 Aug 2013

Loving these at the moment.

Hello Friends,

I wanted to do a different post apart from the regular reviews and stuffs. I decided to do a post on my current favorite  things.

My New Bindis: 

In my family even the unmarried ones are supposed to wear bindi in the forehead. When i was in college i was very rebellious and wore a super tiny one. But i have started liking it. They add so much charm to the face. These are little more special because these are gifted. :)

Body Shop Compact:

I must thank Shweta for recommending this awesome product. I am in love with it.

Stackable Storage boxes:

My mum got these for me. They come in a pack of 5 (in different sizes). I store my eyeliner pencils, blushes and other makeup stuffs that get little messy in these boxes. They are very convenient. The ones in the picture are the two smaller ones that came with the pack.

My RT Rip-offs:

I went to a nearby store to get some cotton wipes and THERE i saw these brushes hanging. They came in a packing with chinese lettering. I got these and to my surprise they are good. I have washed them for about 5 times and they are as good as new. The brush feels so soft and they are densely packed. I went to the same store to get a few more but unfortunately these were not stocked. 

Lakme Nail paints:

Am in love with these shades. I got these nail paints sometime back and never expected these to look so pretty. 

They are Candy power from Lakme 9 to 5 and shade 31 from Lakme color crush. The candy power one is so glossy and i just love the finish.

Ponds BB Cream:

My skin is little shiny these days and this cream suits me very well. I am wearing these almost every day and i love the look it imparts. 

Oriflame Pencil: 

I got this nu*de kohl pencil a few days back. It is very good for people who feel that white looks stark against their complexion. It gives right amount of brightness to my eyes. Love it.

Last but not the least my cute cute cute green stapler. Love it..!! 

Do share your current favorites. 

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  1. I am loving everything :) esp those RT rip offs :P

    1. Hi Rekha.. thanks for commenting.. :) :D ya they r great.. i went to that shop twice after that and they r not sure when these ll b stocked! :(

  2. Thanks Raji .. I love that face powder too .. Its like i cannot live without it

    1. It s so awesome shweta.. am scared that it ll get used up easily

  3. wow....m loving everything from this post...those brushes are a real dupe of RT :) i love bindis too...I hv a pack of white stone bindis at the moment :)

    1. I love these bindis so much..!! selected n got by a spl person. :D these brushes feels great too renji

  4. Storage boxes... I always want more and more of those. :D

    1. me too jeevitha.. stuffs gets filled up easily... i got a huge separate one for lipsticks and another huge one for face base makeup.. :( still i keep few stuffs on d table..

  5. Cute Post Raji .. I loved the RT rip offs alot ;) plus nail paints <3


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