20 Aug 2013

Morphy Richards Stylit Digital Hair Straightener - REVIEW

Hi Friends, 

As a teenager, I have always dreamt about having silky straight tresses. This desire never decreased and when I got my stipend, the first thing I did was to visit a beauty salon and inquire about getting my hair permanently straightened.

I asked the stylist about the hair-loss. She told me frankly (bless her for that) that they use only quality products but then she cannot guarantee that I won’t suffer hair loss.

I came home and jumped into research and found that most of the people, even the ones who have got their hair rebounded/straightened/smoothened multiple times advise against it as it decreases the quality of our natural tresses tremendously and I was NOT ready for that.

So I decided to buy a decent hair straightener.

I wanted to buy one with ceramic plates and temperature control. Philips had lots of affordable ones with ceramic plates but finding one with temperature control was a task. After an hour long online search, I finally saw this one from Morphy Richards. It had ceramic plates and came with an adjustable LED temperature control. YAY!! And it was priced at an super affordable Rs. 2199/-. I jumped with joy and got it from my mum’s debit card. Double YAY!!

The product reached me in good condition and I did not try it out immediately as the heat protectant spray which I ordered was yet to arrive. When I finally decided to give it a try, I noticed something which made my heart break into millions of tiny pieces. The straightener has ceramic COATED plates and NOT ceramic plates. I felt deceived by the description given in flipkart. This discovery took the happiness of trying out a new product from me completely. Too bad flipkart!

I used this straightner in combination with the Sunsilk Keratinology Heat Protectant spray. Before going further, let me show you what my natural hair looks like.

The straightener has five temperature setting ranging from 120 to 210 degrees. I used it in 140. Not bad but my hair was still little wavy. I cannot expect 140 degrees to straighten my stubborn thick wavy hair. So I moved the pointer to 210 and waited for the straightener to heat up. It takes about 2 minutes to reach the maximum mark initially and once the desired temperature is reached, the word “ready” is displayed on the screen citing that the straightener is ready to be used.

The straightener straightens my thick hair wonderfully. I never expected it to behave that way. I tried a titanium plated one from vega during my recent visit to Shweta’s. If I remember correctly she used it at a temperature greater than 200 degrees. It worked great and it created a benchmark in my mind. I used this one thinking that I will never be able to get that straight hair as I got with the titanium plated one. But I was in for a pleasant surprise.

It takes maximum 20 minutes to straighten my hair. The 360 degree swirl code is a blessing. I am so glad that my first (decent) hair straightener fared well beyond what I expected from it.

I tried it on my mum’s hair. She has comparatively thin hair. I used it at 160 degree setting and it worked well.  

Let me stop praising it and move on with the likes and dislikes.


1. Works well.
2. Has heat setting (120 to 210) which gives more control.
3. Has 360 degree swirl cord.
4. Comes with a tail comb, a pouch and four hair sectioning clips.
5. Heating time is decent.


1. Ceramic coated plates and not ceramic plates.

Maniac’s Rating: 4/5.

Though I was upset with getting deceived, I am extremely happy that I landed on this product. I love it and will suggest it to my friend who is looking for a decent hair straightener.

Hope you girls found the review useful.

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  1. Wow such a good difference in the texture Raji. Anyways you are blessed with good thick hair.

  2. Nice post and enjoyed your way to present.

  3. WoW !! Straight hair looks stunning on you dear :) Me too wanna give it a shot but mom won't allow :( She is obsessed with my hair ;)

    1. Thank u Vipra.. we all have to fight with our mum's to style our hair.. :(

  4. Wow you have beautiful long hair ! Loved the review :)

  5. Now that was amazing job done by straightener... My Remington one is not working :( will check this soon

    1. awww.. i initially wanted to get remington only.. but the variant which i wanted was out of my budget :(

  6. I have the Remington and I am completely in love with it ..Nice review.

    1. Wow! Anamika.. thank u so much for commenting.. i initially wanted remington only :)

  7. This seems nice. :) Its worked really well with your hair!

  8. wow..the difference is awesome...u have such a beautiful n long hair :)


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