18 Sep 2013

A Small Step Towards a Greener World - With The Nature's Co.

Hi girls,

There is this contest running live which is organized by The Natures co. The best part about this contest is its aim. It has a noble cause i.e., to make our planet little greener.

I received my oath scroll where I have been given the task of picking up litter thrown around and binning it.

I hate people who throw stuffs here and there. I really feel bad for them. I am sure they won’t be doing that inside their home. Please don’t throw paper and garbage on the roads or in your corridors etc. They are also part of your/our HOME – EARTH. You are actually contributing in its deterioration by doing so. Just because you have not spent money in acquiring it doesn’t mean that it can be treated the way we desire. In life, most of the valuable gifts we receive cannot be measured in monetary values.

Now I am passing this deed to each and every one of my glorious, cute, sweet and caring readers.

So here’s what you do.

1.  Complete the task and tweet about it in twitter using the hashtag #GoProGreen and tag The Nature’s Co twitter Page (@Thenaturesco) and my @voiceofrm profile (@voiceofrm). Please don't forget to follow us if you haven't. 

2. For brownie points you can also post pictures on Instagram with the hashtags #GoProGreen and #Indianbeautymaniac (You can search my profile as INDIANBEAUTYMANIAC)

Come on girls, let’s make our planet greener. To add to the fun, The Nature’s Co is giving away hampers work Rs. 2,500/- to the longest oath chain.

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  1. Nice post! I, too, am quite eco-friendly and I hate when I see people leaving their trash on the floor: we have bins for a reason!

    Malvika :)


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