20 Sep 2013

INGLOT Freeedom System Eye shadow 428 - REVIEW, SWATCH, EOTD

Hello friends,

By now you all might have known that I am learning to use eye-shadows and got few from Inglot. Almost all the eyeshadows I got were “safe” choices and they were all from the list shweta and I made.

Today I am reviewing the 428 shade. It is a dark blue. It is a gorgeous color that will look flattering in almost all the ways. You can use it as a eyeliner, overall lid color, to smoke etc without looking loud. It reminds me of the gorgeous classy kancheevaram silk sarees.



By now most of us know how a refill is packed. It looks like Inglot has changed the refill’s packing. Usually, it will come in a tiny plastic box which is quite sufficient to store the refills at home. But now, they have changed it and it comes in a sealed plastic case that is useless once you remove the refill from them. I am sure this packing is to ensure that we are forced to buy their exorbitantly priced palettes.

The refill comes with a black carton box and they enclose a small square sheet containing the complete list of ingredients.

Finish: Pearl.

Pigmentation, Texture & other info:

This eye shadow is very well pigmented. You get almost the same shade as in the refill. It feels smooth and easy to apply on the lids. It does not have any fall outs. It is very easy to work with. It is smooth, non- chalky and easy to blend. The color blends very well without getting patchy. I have used it both wet and dry and it works very well. Due to the hot climate, it does crease when used without a proper base. But almost all eye shadows crease in my eyelids when used without a base. So it is nothing new. But when used with a base, this eye shadow is a star.


This is how it looks on my eyes:


1. Affordable.
2. Gorgeous color.
3. Pearl finish (Non Shimmery).
4. Easy to blend.
5. Decent Staying power (stays put for almost 5 hours on my non-oily lids after which I removed it)
6. No fall outs.
7. Can be used as a eye-liner using a wet brush.
8. Close dupe of MAC Deep Truth. 

1. The packing is changed – You need a palette to store these.

Maniac's Rating:  5/5.

I dont see any reason to NOT to buy this shade. Must have for eye shadow lovers. 

Hope you girls found my review useful.

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  1. My heart gave me a thump when I saw the eye makeup!! It's just amazing Raji!!!

    I am so buying the same shade! Thanks you the post!

    1. wow am blushing dear :) thank u so much... hope u ll enjoy the same as much as i do. :D

  2. The shade looks super stunning on you Raji :)
    <3'ed your eye swatch :*
    I'm eyeing Inglot shadows now :D

  3. Loved the color its just awesome! Lovely EOTD

  4. Nice shade, resembles my L'oreal All night blue


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