16 Sep 2013

Kryolan Lipstick in Shade LC 131 - Review, Swatch & LOTD

Hello Girls,

Today I am reviewing a lipstick shade from the brand Kryolan. I love this brand for their quality and pocket friendly cosmetics. One day I went there to check out a lipstick which a blogger had reviewed. Unfortunately that shade was out of stock and I was told by the SA that even they are not sure about when the stocks will arrive. But I was determined not to leave the place without a lipstick. So I went and bought this shade.

Kryolan Lipstick in Shade LC 131 Review, Swatch and LOTD

This shade was an impulse buy. But it has given me enough insight to form an opinion about the lipsticks from this brand. Now off to the review.

Price: Rs. 250/- for 4 g.

Packing: Standard Kryolan Packing i.e., Cuboid grey metallic bullet with silver lettering. Though the bullet closes well, I find the packing to be flimsy and boring. It comes in a cardboard box that contains the full list of ingredients.

Kryolan Lipstick in Shade LC 131 Shade Name, Review and Swatch

Color: I got the shade LC 131. It is a very beautiful peachy coral lipstick. I don’t know the reason but I am getting attracted towards peaches these days. Though it is a pretty color, I feel that it may wash me out completely if I get tanned or if I layer the color. May look fabulous on fair skinned women.

Kryolan Lipstick in Shade LC 131 Review and Swatch

Kryolan Lipstick in Shade LC 131 Review, Swatch and LOTD

Texture: The texture is creamy. It is too creamy that it emphasizes the dry areas and lines on our lips. Due to the color, it looks highly unflattering when applied on dry lips. Moisturized lips are a must. After some time it kind of looks like a semi-matte lip product. It settles into fine lines as it fades away and it makes my lips drier when it fades away completely.

Pigmentation: It is well pigmented and in just two swipes, it covers any sort of lip pigmentation. Now here comes the downside. It does not apply evenly if used directly from the bullet. If I layer the color on my lip, it applies thick in one area and kind of loses its intensity as I pull the bullet across my lips. It looks unflattering. Hence, I use a lip brush if I have to apply more than one swipe.

Kryolan Lipstick in Shade LC 131 Price, quantity, review and swatch

Transferability: Due to its creamy texture, it is highly transferable. It remains transferable throughout the time of its presence on your lips. Though it sets to a semi-matte finish, it does not become less transferable.

Staying Power: Staying power is quite poor. It stays for just 3 hours on my lips before it starts gradually fading away.

Fragrance: It does have some artificial fragrance but it is not bothersome.


Kryolan Lipstick in Shade LC 131 Swatch

This is how it looks on my lips.

On application:

Kryolan Lipstick in Shade LC 131 Swatch


Kryolan Lipstick in Shade LC 131 On my lips

After 4 hours 

Kryolan Lipstick in Shade LC 131 after fading

1.    Gorgeous color.
2.    Creamy Texture.
3.    Pocket friendly price tag.
4.  Complete list of ingredients % expiry date.
1.   Emphasizes dry lips.
2.   Transfers.
3.   Applies unevenly if used from the bullet directly.
4.    Boring packing.
5. Stock may not be available at the Kryolan counters due to their uncertain re-stocking.
6.  Only numbers are used to represent the shades. I hate it.
Maniac’s Rating: 3/5.
Though it is a gorgeous color, the other aspects like pigmentation, staying power etc is a complete fail for me. May not purchase lipsticks from Kryolan anymore.
I recommend this color for all the fair skinned ladies. For me, I would love to try a little darker shade.

Hope you girls found my review useful.


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  1. Damn pretty shade :) Lovely swatches <3

  2. this will not suit me, will make me look dull :(

  3. The shade is pretty. Since Kryolan is made for professional use, I guess, you can't expect it do do anything special to the skin. But a nice one to have in the kitty I think.

    1. that's wat surprised me even more dear. Since it is made for professional use, it cannot apply unevenly na. :( ya considering d price i am not crying

  4. Looks pretty in the bullet but somehow it does not look so flattering in swatches! Dont give up on kryolan yet! My mum loves their lippies!

    1. I am not sure lee.. the SA in chennai is so boring. You will lose the wish to purchase more. so dull n boring.. :( I wanted to buy a darker shade but it was out of stock :(

  5. Such a lovely shade Raji <3 .. I loved the shade alot ;) .. Beautiful lip swatches sweets :*
    Me too turning a sucker for corals and peaches these days :D
    I want to try Krylon products - Gonna search their outlet here in Mumbai ;)

    1. do check it out Vipra.. some colors r sooooo good.. :)

  6. Lovely shade <3 But I expected it to work better. Kryolan is a very nice brand :)

    1. Ya i love it for their concealers, blushes and brushes.. :) thanks for the comment

  7. The shade is pretty.. yet to try Kryolan... i hate the packaging :/ nice review Raji :)

    1. Thank u dear.. you must try their concealers and blush palette. If you dont have oily skin, their blushes stay really long and are pocket friendly too

  8. Teh will shade look way toomuddy on me..was expecting a better formula from Krylon.. well I will stick to makeup base for KRYLON no lippies for me now!! :)

    1. even i expected a better formula Poo.. May be I just got a faulty product :/

  9. Love the color but it will def wash me out! Lovely lip swatches.


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