8 Sep 2013

Mini Inglot Haul & Revlon Haul

Hello Friends,

I started my weekend on a mixed note. The movie which was planned got cancelled and I went to inglot. If you are there in my FB, you would have seen my status about it. 

Me and Shweta made a list of good eyeshadows from Inglot and i wanted to start buying them slowly in sets of 4's.

The EA outlet is notorious of not letting people buy the refills alone without buying the palette along with it. As i wanted to buy the refills ONLY at the store, i was prepared to buy a palette as it will be my entry ticket to the shop forever.

I saw in the major brands website that 5 square e/s palette costs Rs. 850/-.

But when i went to the store, every palette was like super costly. I mean, a SINGLE blush palette was Rs.850/-. Two square e/s was Rs. 1200 plus. I was shocked. 

The SA was stubborn and i was obviously irritated. Then P came to my rescue and convinced the SA to sell the refills without the palette. (Thank you)

I got the following shades and a matte top coat.

1. 428 - A dupe of MAC deep truth.
2. 450 - Dupe of MAC Cranberry.
3. 464 - A mild shimmery copper orange shade.
4. 340 - A dark teal.

After P spoke, the SA "suddenly" started behaving vwery cordial and was even suggesting shades. She told that the matte top coat had a discount offer and i got it at Rs. 400 something. 

Then i started hunting for a black eye liner pencil. My colossal one is almost over and i wanted to try something new. So i got one from Revlon.

Though it is a small haul, it is a well planned one as i wont be buying any more cosmetics for this month.

And, this is my cute lil palette. I have this pencil box with me since my Vth Std. I finished my college 5 years back. I loved this box very much that i am not getting heart to throw it out. 

Hope you girls liked my haul.

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  1. Nice haul Raji..I didnt know you have to the palettes to buy the refills.

    1. yes dear. The people in chennai's outlet dont sell the refills alone. I dont know why they make so much fuss over it and they have a very bad attitude.

  2. nice haul raji :) where did u get the magnetic paper from.. i m hunting for one too to keep my inglot stuf :)

    1. Hi revathy.. i got it from creativita a fb page run by Jovitha. you can contact them here dear https://www.facebook.com/pages/Creativita/260698707325175
      I got 5 sheets at Rs. 90/- per sheet.

  3. nice haul.. so some more eye looks i guess ;)

  4. Nice haul. And Yay! for the matte top coat. Do let us know how it works out. :)

  5. Lovely Haul :)
    I love Pikachu <3 <3 <3


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