11 Sep 2013

Parachute Advanced Coconut Hair Oil - Review

Hello Friends,

By now you might have known about my love for at home and natural remedies. I wanted no-nonsense oil which I can apply overnight. I felt sesame oil to be too heavy for such frequent treatments.

I saw this hair oil at a supermarket, got curious and decided to try it.

Unlike the regular parachute oil, this oil is designed specifically to be used as a pre-bath treatment.

It is priced at Rs.97 for 300 ml and comes in a typical parachute blue plastic bottle. Though the lid shuts tight am not sure if it is travel friendly.


Parachute Advanced coconut hair oil from Marico has been made keeping in mind the special needs of your hair. It penetrates the hair roots better than other hair oils that strengthen hair from within leaving it looking nourished and healthy.

Parachute Advanced coconut hair oil is for the all-aware young Indian woman who is demanding as she knows that there are a slew of other hair care products available to her. She is aware of the benefits of using hair oil and the role it plays in maintaining her hair healthy and well nourished.

Parachute Advanced coconut hair oil from Marico has been made especially keeping in mind the needs of hair. Parachute Advanced contains essential oils of ylang-ylang to give it a rich and deep fragrance. It penetrates the hair roots better than other hair oils, strengthening the hair from within. With regular use of Parachute Advanced, hair strength is known to increase by up to 16%. What’s more, when applied pre-wash, Parachute Advanced reduces protein loss up to 28% and restores the health of hair.

It is available in stores across India in three variants – 80 ml, 170 ml and the 300 ml packs.


My Experience:

I use this product every time I wash my hair. I was my hair every alternate day. I apply it an hour before and wash it off. My hair is smooth, soft and well behaved. It feels little lighter than the normal coconut oil in consistency and has a nice fragrance. It washes off easily. It imparts a healthy sheen and bounce to the hair.

I love the way my hair behaves when I use this product. As for hair loss, I did not notice any increase or decrease. I do not have any hair fall issues.

When I used it as overnight treatment, the results are even better. My hair feels nourished and I feel bad that I did not try this out earlier.

If you are not used to applying oil in your hair, while washing this oil off, you will get an urge to shampoo once to make sure there is no traces of oil left. It is actually a mental thing. The oil washes off easily and using shampoo again and again will only strip off the moisture content and you will be left with dry hair.


1. Affordable.
2. Makes hair smooth, manageable and healthy.
3. Washes off easily.
4. Does not have any bothering or over powering fragrance.
5. Easily available.
6. Coconut oil is known for its hair shaft penetrating properties so, better nourishment.
7. Does not result in hair loss or scalp irritation.


1. Messy. However careful you are, the bottle gets covered with oil and gets slippery over time.
2. You need to wait for minimum 1 hour so it may not be a great option for people who are in the state of perpetual rush. :D

Maniac’s Rating: 4/5

I am already in my second bottle. I love this. 

Highly recommended for ladies with dry hair. It is too affordable to not give a try.

Available online at Purplle.com

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  1. Nicely written .. Until I stepped onto the bandwagon of ayurvedic oils, this has been my the only oil i applied, this and the original version. I never ever had any problem of dandruff or hair fall. But since my extreme hair fall started I dont see results from this oil anymore. Its good for nourishing hair and makes my hair extremely soft but doesnt works on my hairfall :(

    1. Thank u dear.. I love this oil and the original one very much.. As my hair needs more n more conditioning :D

  2. Beautifully reviewed dear :) I had been using Parachute for ages - Its a great product and really works beautifully with my hair .. I recently shifted my loyals to the TBS coconut oil ;)
    I didn't had any bad experience with this one but just for a change sake :D

    1. Ha.. The SA at TBS suggested me it. I thought i would give it a try next tym..

  3. looks great. thanks for the review dear :)


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