15 Sep 2013

Pinterest Inspired Turquoise Mani

Hello Friends,

Today I am sharing with you all a cute turquoise mani + Pedi I did inspired by a similar manicure in the pinterest. The manicure from which i took the inspiration from is not the same one and i am not able to track it now. Hence i am not able to link it here. 

I used,

1. My Favourite Turquoise Lagoon from Maybelline.
2. NYX gold glitter 
3. Rimmel Disco Ball
4. Lakme (white)
5. Faces (Black)
6. Rimmel Base and Top Coat 

to create this mani.

In case you wish to buy the Maybelline one (which is a perfect and irresistible shade), i strongly recommend using a base coat with it as it stains nails like hell. 

Maybelline Turquoise Lagoon is available now with Purplle.com 

Hope you girls loved my mani+pedi.

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  1. Lovely! I love this color...loved it.

  2. Lovely Mani Raji! Lovely the glitter + Turquoise...Its gorgeous! :)

  3. Such a beautiful mani Raji <3
    Turquoise blue is treat to my eyes :)

  4. Nice one Raji! I had once purchased some things from purplle{dot}com but they din reach me at all :( site showed that they had products but after ordering and two days later they are dropping me mail telling they are out of stock :(

  5. It beautiful.. the glitters on top islike icing on the cake!! :)

  6. Beautiful. Your manicure, especially the turquoise colour reminds me of the colour of the lagoon in my country. Wish I was there right now!

    1. Wow Nitisha.. Now i am tempted to see the lagoon. Which country you are from? Thanks for commenting.


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