2 Sep 2013

This or That - Beauty Tag

Hello Ladies,

I was tagged for this “This or That” post by Riya of My Makeup and Beauty Vanity and by Shweta of Glam n Gloss. I loved doing this tag as it gives a little more information about all our pretty friends.


Blush Or Bronzer – Blush. I love the way it adds color to my face. And, I am not good when it comes to bronzers.
Lip Gloss Or Lipstick – Can I say Lip Balm? I do love using lipsticks though.  
Eye Liner Or Mascara – Eye Liner. I have pretty long and fanned out lashes, I feel mascaras add “too much” drama to my eyes for a daily day time look.
Foundation Or Concealer – Neither. I like to use some tinted sunscreen or BB cream on a daily basis.
Neutral Or Color Eye Shadow – Neutral. But a little color doesn’t hurt either.
Pressed Or Loose Eye Shadows – Pressed.
Brushes Or Sponges – Brushes


OPI Or China Glaze – Both.
Long Or Short – Long.
Acrylic Or Natural – Natural. But I want to get a gel coating done on my nails.
Brights Or Darks – Depends on how I feel.
Flower Or No Flower –Flower.


Perfume Or Body Splash – Body Splash. I don’t like any intense fragrance.
Lotion Or Body Butter – Body butters. They give a luxurious feel to my dry skin.
Body Wash Or Soap -.Body wash.
Lush Or Other Bath Company – I do like Lush for their masks but then, any company would do.


Jeans Or Sweat Pants – I don’t wear western outfits.
Long Sleeve Or Short – Short or 3/4th
Dresses Or Skirts – None.
Stripes Or Plaid – Both.
Flip Flops Or Sandals – Sandals. I hate wearing Flip Flops outside home.
Scarves Or Hats – Scarves.
Studs Or Dangly Earrings – Both.
Necklaces Or Bracelets – Bracelets. I hate wearing jewelry in my neck.
Heels Or Flats – Flats. They are comfortable.
Cowboy Boots Or Riding Boots – None.
Jacket Or Hoodie – Jacket. I hate hoodies.
Forever 21 Or Charlotte Russe - None!
Saks 5th Or Nordstrom – None!

Curly Or Straight – None. Mine is wavy
Bun Or Ponytail – Ponytail.
Bobby Pins Or Butterfly Clips – Both.
Hair Spray Or Gel – Spray.
Long Or Short – Long.
Light Or Dark - Dark.
Side Sweep Bangs Or Full Bangs – None. I have long layers.
Up Or Down - Down.


Rain Or Shine – Shine.
Summer Or Winter – Summer. I hate winters. They tend to make me dull.
Fall Or Spring – Spring.
Chocolate Or Vanilla - Vanilla.
East Coast Or West Coast – East Coast and Love it.

Hope you girls loved reading my post. I am tagging each and every one of you to share your “This or That’s” with me.


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