28 Oct 2013

Amway Satinique Hair Rejuvenating Masque - REVIEW

We all wish to have great hair and in order to make that wish come true, we indulge in various activities like a spa session at the salon, deep conditioning treatments at home etc. In today's post, i am reviewing one such product that helps in conditioning your hair at home - The Amway Hair rejuvenating Masque.

Amway Satinique Hair Rejuvenating Masque

I used to be regular with my at home hair conditioning etc. But in the recent times, I find it extremely difficult to spend 2-3 hours of my weekend in just treating my hair. During such times, I rely on this product and it has never failed to impress me. As you all know, my hair type is wavy with extreme dryness at the ends. Now off to the review.

Packing: It comes in a light grey blue semi-transparent plastic bottle. It is travel friendly.

 Amway Satinique Hair Rejuvenating Masque for damaged hair


Amway Satinique Hair Rejuvenating Masque Ingredients

My Experience:

I used it as directed and after the first use, my hair felt as if it had undergone a deep conditioning treatment at a salon. Hair felt soft, feathery and manageable. It did not weigh down my hair and my hair bounced with renewed life.

The consistency of the masque is like that of a thick cream. It spreads easily and does not drip. So you can apply it in your hair, wrap your hair with a shower cap and go on with your work. I find the consistency very comfortable.

Amway Satinique Hair Rejuvenating Masque swatch

Hair remained manageable throughout the week and my scalp did not feel greasy or oily like how it normally happens when I use a deep conditioning cream at home.

After a week I used it again. This time I let it stay in my hair for more than 15 minutes (one and half an hour to be precise). My hair felt the same way i.e., soft and manageable.

It helps dry and damaged hair to a great extent. I started this masque after getting a haircut last month and I have not got a single split end till now. It is an achievement considering how dry and damaged my hair was.  My hair does not frizz as it used to and looks healthy.

Amway Satinique Hair Rejuvenating Masque Nozzle

I cannot comment on how it controls hair loss as I don’t have an existing hair loss problem and yes this product does not cause any hair fall.

The fragrance is very mild and it lingers for an hour or so after wash.

Price: Rs. 445/- for 150 ml.
  • Easy to use. Consistency is creamy and does not drip.
  • Nice fragrance.
  • Works very well for my dry and damaged hair.
  • Does not weigh down hair.
  • Hair gets easy to manage, tangle free and soft.
  • Does not cause any hair fall.
  • Prevents split ends.
  • Conditions well.
  • Hair looks shiny and healthy.
  • Easy to wash off.

  • Not freely available at the market. Distributed only through an amway agent.

Maniac’s Rating: 5/5   
This is my HG hair masque and I am already in my second tube. Must try for girls with dry and damaged hair.

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  1. wow , that looks great .. I am currently using SP that is also amazing

    1. I want to try SP too!! But am scared to test my hair now as i have finally found my HG thing. May be once i get bored, i ll find a new HG!! :D

  2. Nice review Raji.. The availability is the major concern as u said..

    1. yes Sundari but as my neighbour deals with it, i dont find getting em difficult

  3. This looks amazing. Need to try this. Nice review :)

    1. Thanks sweetie.. do try it only if you have dry hair. your hair looks pretty silky in this picture.. it may weigh down normal-oily hair

  4. This sounds amazing! nice review:)

  5. sounds good
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