5 Oct 2013


Hello Ladies,

Today I am going to review a product that has become indispensible in my beauty routine. No I am not going to review “another” kajal pencil. It is a brow wax from Inglot.

We all know that brows are very important and they frame our face etc etc etc. I am “blessed” with dense brows. They grow out very fast and the hair is long and tends to look unruly if not maintained or done well. 

I tried everything from hair sprays to cream eye shadows. They all made my already dense brows even denser and it grabbed the attention for all the wrong reasons. I did not want to spend on Western "drug store"  brands as they are always exorbitantly priced here. While browsing stuffs online in majorbrands.in, I came across these brow “waxes” from Inglot. 

Packing: Comes in the traditional Inglot freedom system refill packing. You can keep them in the plastic pack that comes with it if you are going to just use them at home. But if you wish to take it out, a palette is a must.

Formula: It is of sheer, gel-cream consistency. Once applied, it does not feel or look greasy. 

When I received it, seeing the color and the way the product sits in the refill, I felt that it will be thick and I almost ruined it by dabbing my angled brush in it. It is really soft and sheer that you need to be careful while picking up the product.  

Shade: No. 573 (dark brown color)

Application: I got a colored one because it can double up as a mild filling agent as I find filling my brows a little harsh (especially on those initial days after I get my eye brows threaded). On a normal day, I comb my brows using a spool to keep it in place and use an angled brush to apply the brow wax.

Product Performance: Once applied, the brow wax does an excellent job of holding my brow hair in place. They look much groomed and natural. It does not look waxy or wet. My stray hairs stays put in place for almost 7 hours and I never felt the need to reapply it. The product does not melt or settle in the hair roots. But it is not a miracle product that stays forever. Though it is does not transfer to your hand if you occasionally touch your brows or rub them, they do come off COMPLETELY if you wash your face or use a tissue/cloth (both wet and dry) to clean. 


Shade: 573 ( Dark Brown )
Quantity: 1.3 g
Price: INR. 300/-
  1. Does excellent job of holding the stray hair in place for a long time.
  2. Does not melt.
  3. Looks Natural. Does not look or feel greasy.
  4. Affordable.
  5. Coloured. So gives an appearance of thick brows.

  1. Comes off easily when washed with water or wiped off. Does not set.
  2. Need a palette to store these as the packing in which it comes is not travel friendly.

Where to buy?
In all Inglot outlets and in majorbrands.in
Maniac’s Rating: 5/5.
It pretty much does the job for me though people with sparse brows might feel the need to fill them with a separate product.

Hope you girls found my review useful. Have you used the INGLOT freedom system brow waxes? Do not forget to share your experience and feedback in the comment section.


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  1. I think I desperately need one for myself!

  2. I agree that eybrows defnitely make much differnce to ur face and uplift the whole look!!
    I am using NYX brow powder bnut this looks good too.. will try :)

  3. well I havent tried this before, but would like to experiment with it for sure:)
    Nicely explained!!!

  4. You convinced me to buy this girl ;) Need it badly in my vanity! Very well reviewed <3

  5. i have been using the tbs one & loving it. But I plan to get this one pretty soon as its very affordable. Thanks for the detailed review dear:)

  6. I am always looking for products to try for the brows! This one looks nice, will give this one a try for sure.

  7. This should be tried once! Being a very lazy person, I always grab a brow pencil to fill in my brows. But now I need this!


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