23 Oct 2013


Hello Friends,

I wanted to buy a good quality matte and glossy top coat. The matte ones I had shrunk the nail polish and the glossy ones I had smeared the color of my nail art all over. Besides the ones I have are like random purchases. So I went on a hunt and zeroed on Inglot. Not that I read rave reviews of them, I felt that they might be good considering how their eye shadows and other cosmetics are.

Today I will be reviewing the non-matte top coat aka The Inglot Gel Effect Top Coat. They have a normal top coat as well but the words “gel effect” made me choose this one.

It comes in a no-nonsense glass bottle packed inside a white cardboard box. The box has all the information like packing date, mrp, ingredient list and warnings printed on it. Nothing fancy about it.



MRP & Expiry:

Now, to the review,

The product imparts visible glossy sheen. The sheen is very good than the other normal top coats. You might have seen the glossy finish of some high end nail paints. It looks very elegant, rich and reflects light the way it should. It also brightens the base color to a certain extent. While coating a little quantity is sufficient. The polish spreads well and applies evenly. So a bottle would easily last long even if you are someone who changes the polish frequently.

The Top coat does not draw the base color to it. You can do the nail art you wish and once it dries, you can proceed without a hint of uncertainty to apply this top coat. I have faced this problem with Rimmel Top coat. After I had let the nail art dry, when I apply the top coat the color of the design starts to spread and it looks very messy. If the base coat & the paint is 100% dry, it does not smear the polish/paint.

It camouflages small application mistakes. If you have applied the second coat of your nail paint a little hastily or if you have got an uneven application or if you have failed to buff your nails to perfection, this takes care of them all to an extent.

It increases the life of the manicure to a surprisingly great extent. If you are there in the Indian Lacquer Lovers group in facebook, you might have read my update on this. I drive a scooter to my work every day. I usually cover my feet. But a few weeks before I did a pedicure and applied a red lakme polish on my feet. I top coated with this one and as a result I did not get the heart to cover my feet. I wore thin strapped sandals to flaunt my nails.

Usually the nail paint in my toes start coming off/fading within a day. No matter what quality nail paint I use. But with this, it stayed intact for a whole week. No chipping even at the tips.

Even now after almost 2 weeks, the polish went off only at the tips of my toe nail which is by all means impressive.

The negative point which I felt is the drying time. It dries up very fast.  I had to switch off the fan, A/c and literally stop all possible air flow when I apply this. If I don’t, the polish thickens in the brush and I am not able to apply it well. The positive side of this feature is you can comb your hair within minutes of your manicure without getting those lines in your mani.

Another thing is the brush. It would have been great it they had given a little thicker brush. It is just my preference.  

Are you able to see how the polish thickens and becomes gel like in the picture on the right? 

Please ignore the damaged cuticle area in the middle finger. I hurt myself while helping my mum!

  • Imparts an impressive and rich looking glossy sheen.
  • Easy to apply. Spreads easily and applies evenly.
  • Increases the life of your manicure.
  • Does not smear the base color or nail art.
  • Camouflages small application mistakes.
  • Functional packing.

  • Polish starts thickening when exposed to air.
  • Needs to be stored in a refrigerator if you live in a place like Chennai. (needs to be stored below 25C)
  • Thin brush.

Price: Rs. 650/- for 15 ml.
Maniac’s Rating: 4/5 (-1 for the thickening effect)
This has become my HG top coat. As it is easily available in the place where I live, I don’t want to let it go unless I get a much better one (Human wants are unlimited you see).
Highly Recommended and I will definitely repurchase.

You can get these at the majorbrands.in website where it is sold at its old rate. (around Rs. 450/-). It is available in the Inglot outlets/counters all over India.

Hope you girls liked my review.

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  1. Pretty expensive, rather than gel effect this looks like a normal shine coat

  2. This s more for ppl who do nail arts and for ppl who don't change their mani frequently dear. I have used lot of normal shine coats and compared to those it is really good. I have put down how this is a winner in d review. :)

  3. Quite a nice top coat. But I never have the time nor patience to apply a top coat :(

    1. i never apply it too.. :D but when i sport nail art, i am forced to apply it to get a smooth finish..

  4. I have a one from Max-factor but the quality of this one is surely tempting me for a switch ;)
    Nicely reviewed dear :)

  5. OMG this looks so tempting and like a wonder product, would love to try it, nice review Raji :)

  6. i like the effect it has on the nail paint. i'm currently using sally hansen

    1. i want to try few nail polishes from sally hansen.. esp the rose glitter one :D

  7. This one looks nice.. I liek INGLOT packaging :) :)

  8. New product for professional nail artists. Certainly for celebrities only because of the cost. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. Thanks for the review, I have also ordered the same and waiting for it to reach me fast and lets c how it turns for me.... :) #BSP

  10. This seems to be a nice product. I would love to try this...

  11. lovely effect n if u like it should be awesome too :)

  12. I quite like Inglot stuff, looks great for nail art lovers. :) #BSP

  13. I have the one from colorbar which works fine also! this looks good too but pretty expensive for a top coat!


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