1 Oct 2013


Hi Girls,

By now you might have known that I am a kajal lover. Whenever I see the words, black, dark, pigmented and smudge proof, I know that I must have it. I had tried the old 6 Hr formula of Maybelline Colossal Kajal and quite liked it. It was not anything exceptional but good. Now when I saw the 12 Hr formula in the stores, I was tempted to try it and that’s what I did.

Packing: Yellow colored plastic retractable pencil. It looks exactly like the old one. Travel friendly.

Formula: It is smoother and creamier than the old version. It is so creamy that it breaks easily when I twist a little longer to draw a thin line. The formula does not tug the lids while drawing lines and glides easily. If you wish to smudge the liner, you must do it quickly as it becomes smudge proof once set.

Pigmentation: It is really deserves a special mention. Colossal kajal has upgraded itself when it comes to the pigmentation department. It is darker than the earlier version and due to the creaminess; it easily transfers from the pencil to the lids imparting a dark, black line.

Staying power: Well who said it will stay for 12 Hrs? They had cleverly mentioned that it stays UP TO 12Hrs. So depending on your eye, they stay. In my eyes, they stay for about 7-8 hours with mild fading when used as a liner and stays for about 5 hours in my waterline.  It kind of disappears and does not smear or go here and there. It does not feel waxy or heavy on the waterline. Yes. It does not sting.

Though they are water resistant, they are not completely water proof.

Here I have swatched couple of liners available with me to give you an idea about its pigmentation.

1. Decent pigmentation.
2. Smooth and creamy texture.
3. Water line safe.
4. Smudge proof.
5. Long Staying.
6. Does not feel heavy on the lids/waterline.
7. Affordable
8. Widely available.
9. Pretty and bright packing.
1. Not the best black.


Maniac’s rating: 4/5.

At Rs. 175/-, it is definitely an upgrade, that’s worth trying.

Hope you girls loved my review.


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  1. I like this kajal for its matte black shade and this suits my eyes really well

  2. WOW I am going to get this one!

  3. Nicely reviewed Raji and lovely EOTD! Kajal suits you.

  4. Lovely review dear ! Great comparison ! I think Revlon colorstay wins the blackest black pigmentation test.

  5. i liked revlon colorstay the most. gotta try it

  6. Nice review :) Lovely EOTD dear <3

  7. i always look at ur eyes n come here :p u have very pretty eyes... nice and honest review dear :)

    1. wow.. I feel very flattered. Thank you so much sweetie.. <3

  8. Nice review:)
    Loved ur simple yet very defined EOTD!!!

  9. Nice review and cute eyes !!


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