24 Oct 2013


Hello Beauty Maniac’s,

Yes I have FINALLY jumped into the beauty box bandwagon. I never liked the one which sent the Miners   Oops! Motives Palette (Thanks Renu!!!). I never felt impressed enough to subscribe it. My feelings were further strengthened by reading the statuses put up by other bloggers about how they send expired stuffs and all.

So when I came to know about the ENVY box, I went to their website and somehow their packing and presentation appealed me and I subscribed to it.

This is a new beauty box in the market and its subscription, unlike the other boxes is not direct. That is, you need to send a request conveying your interest in subscribing and they will get back to you based on the product availability.

They send 5 samples. The goodies come in a gorgeous, classy and sturdy orange color box with a magnet to hold its lid in place. I am a sucker for pretty boxes and this is no exception. The goodies are wrapped in a white wrapping paper.

The first thing that disappointed me is, though I had filled my beauty profile, they sent some random samples. I got a wrinkle cream and a cleanser meant for oily to combination skin. But as they are pretty new to the market am sure they will figure it out.

The samples I got are,

THALGO Silicium Cream – Wrinkle Correction – 15ml - I replaced my olay with this one for almost a week now and it is good. It did not break me out and it is too early to notice any “lifting effect”. The quantity provided is good enough to see a little improvement and decide if you should go for the full sized product. A small quantity is sufficient.

CLARINS Gentle foaming cleanser – 20 ml. - Tried it and found it to be too dry for my already dry and parched skin.

L’OCCITABE Cherry Blossom Hand cream – 10ml - It is very moisturising so I guess I will finish it off pretty soon.

EAU THERMALE AVENE Rich Compensating cream – small sample - I replaced my moisturiser with this one. It is good and non-greasy. But the quantity given is too less to form a proper opinion. My skin seems to just drink up the cream.

EMINENCE ORGANICS Naseberry Eye Exfoliant – small sample -As for the eye exfoliant is concerned, by what they have given in the card, I understood that it I need to use it like how I use an eye makeup remover. When I applied and rubbed, it accidentally touched my waterline and stung like hell. So am not sure about trying it again.

Rs. 850/- for one month subscription.
  • Well packed. I love the box packing.
  • Five samples out of which three are of decent quantity.
  • They include cards on which information relating to the product is printed. I like it. 
  • Arrived within just 2 days of placing order.
  • For every 100Rs spent on Subscription, you get 25 envy points (25rs) to your credit which can be redeemed at the envy shop.
  • They donate 1% of their proceeds to elle breast cancer campaign

  • They did not go by my beauty profile.
  • They have sent only skin care products.
  • The other two samples are so small like the ones SA’s give you half heartedly.

Maniac’s Rating: 3/5.
I have given the rating generously considering the fact that they are new to the market. I will subscribe another month or two to see if they add some makeup stuff and go by the beauty profile. If they don’t, it will be an yet another dud for me.

You can check it out here at myenvybox.com

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  1. Never subscribed to a beauty box before.. but all skincare products can be a bit too boring sometimes.

    Do come check out my blog too. Tata!

    1. yeah.. but as they r fairly new, am giving it another try.

  2. I always wanted to get one.. but I am scared of the silly samples they send. Coz I feel im too young for anti ageing creams or anything of that sort. and at times, i have seen them sending weird lip colors to people.

    1. haha.. Appu am 24 :D and i dont mind trying.. But as this s a new box am willing to try once more to see if it works out

  3. this box is very good, I like all the brands and product they have!!

  4. I am not a fan of trying new skin care products. but the box is very cute :)

  5. Raji, who sent the Miners palette? I love Miners and wanna subscribe! Those people whom I hate sent a Motives palette from 2004 - it's not that, is it?

    1. you are such an angel.!! Thank you for pointing that out! :D :D i was creating a scandal there LOL.. :D

  6. I havent yet started with any beauty box.. this looked nice but all skincare. :( :(
    Also I hate when eye products stingss.. errgghh!!

    1. hmm.. may be we can give these guys some time to see if they include lots of interesting products..! :D

  7. The box looks really nice and the brands included are great too. I hope they include makeup n fragrance samples too in the next box.

    1. I hope so dear. i guess they will include them in the boxes to come. :)

  8. this box looks great...all the product looks nice!


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