18 Oct 2013


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With the festival season coming around, I find it exceedingly difficult to visit parlors to do my bleach and facial so I am forced to rely on the kits available in the market. Bleach and myself are not in terms i.e., whenever I bleach, my sensitive dry skin, especially the ones around my nose becomes red and at times peel. It is a very painful and embarrassing ordeal especially when I have to dress myself up the very next day. So I normally stay away from bleaches unless i have an absolute necessity. Even during those, i plan ahead and give adequate time for such skin emergencies.

This time, when I was at the store, I saw this kit from VLCC that said herbal. What could be herbal in a bleach? intrigued I got myself one. 

Packing: Tiny green box containing, the cream, activator and a post-bleach pack. The cream and activator comes in the standard tub containers and the pack comes in a sachet form.


As this bleach does not come with a pre-bleach cream, I opted for the cold cream. I applied a thin layer of cold cream in my skin and massaged it well. Then I applied the bleach cream (a mixture of cream and activator) in the mentioned ratio. I let it sit for 15 minutes and washed it off.


I was little disappointed with the lack of pre-bleach cream. However to my pleasant surprise, the first thing I noticed on application was its subdued smell. The acidic smell was not that heavy like in normal bleach creams. In this cream, the smell was surprisingly minimal and was in no way making me shed a tear. There was no irritation around my nose and throughout the 15 minutes I did not feel any discomfort.

The cream was a little sticky while washing it off but not so annoying. Once I washed it off I noticed that the hair in my face were impressively lightened and I loved the way it reacted. Then, I proceeded to apply the pack given in the sachet. The pack is little thick but i did not find it difficult to spread. It had a very mild and refreshing fragrance. It felt soothing on the skin. 

Unlike the bleach, the pack washes off easily and it did not dry out or make my skin feel stretchy. Instead, my skin felt soft and healthy. 

The bleach did impart a brightening effect and glow to my skin but it could also be due to the light colored facial hair that is not obvious. There was no skin irritation or dryness even after two days of bleaching.


  1. No irritation.
  2. The acidic smell is very mild.
  3. Did not make my eyes water.
  4. Lightens hair effectively.
  5. Imparts a very good glow.
  6. No post bleach dryness or irritation.
  7. Comes with a post bleach pack that soothes the skin well.
  8. Has herbal ingredients in it.

  1. No pre-bleach cream

Maniac’s Rating: 4/5.
This is the only bleach that is soothing and non-irritating to my extremely sensitive skin. Will definitely repurchase.

Hope you girls found my review useful.

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  1. This sounds great! I don't often bleach but will try this one next time :)

  2. I am scared of using any kind of bleach on my sensitive skin, I guess I could still try this as you and I have similar sensitive skin :) nice review

    1. i have extremely sensitive skin :( and yes this bleach s good. try it on a small area and proceed with d entire face

  3. i love to try herbal bleach and was looking for one....glad i found this..nicely reviewed

  4. I have used this bleach and liked it, however I use oxy bleach as and when required :)

    1. somehow oxy bleach s not suiting me. I dunno y.. all my friends suggested it to me.

  5. I stay away from bleaches too but this one seems like a nice, mild one. Will try it out.

  6. I stopped bleaching a while back! If ever I want to next maybe I ll go for this herbal bleach :)

    1. I bleach like twice or thrice in a year. have dark facial hair :(

  7. I have never tried herbal bleach. I use oxybleach. I will definitely give this a try :)

  8. Have never tried this! Nice review!

  9. I would definitely recommend it to my mom who has super sensitive skin :)


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