20 Oct 2013


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In continuation with the at-home bleach post, I am going to review a facial kit from the same brand ie., VLCC. I got this silver Facial Kit from the health & glow outlet near my home. It was an impulsive purchase.

Price: INR. 215/- for a pack of two. 

Products Included: (I got it in a 2 for 1 offer)

Silver Glow Scrub – 2 sachets
Silver Glow Gel – 2 Sachets
Silver Glow cream – 2 Sachets
Silver Glow Pack – 2 Sachets

Packing: All the products are individually packed in small sachets intented for 1 time use. I love this type of packing because; they come very handy when you wish to take them on travel. Boxes occupy space. The usage instruction & ingredient list is mentioned in each individual sachet making it comfortable for first time users.

The only drawback in this type of packing or for that matter any sachet type packing is, if there is some product left, you have to find a ziplock pouch to store them. They get messy and unreliable when you wish to store the remaining product in the same sachet.

Silver Glow Scrub

  1. The Sachet contains enough products for using twice. I was impressed at the quantity packed.
  2. The scrub has glittery silver granules are suspended on a transparent gel base. It looks very pretty and reminds me of Edward Cullen.
  3. The silver granules do not dissolve during the scrubbing process and provide a nice, non-gritty scrubbing experience.
  4. They are mild and exfoliate well.
  5. The gel base offers a nice soothing sensation.
  6. It did not seem harsh on my skin.
  7. Most important of all, though the scrub has glittery silver particles it does not stay in your face.
  8. Removal seemed easy with a warm wet cotton towel.
I had a steam session after the scrub and extracted the black & white heads. After this, I applied ice wrapped in a cotton towel on my face to soothe and close my open pores

Silver Glow Gel:

  1. It is a post steam soothing gel.
  2. It is very soothing, cool and highly refreshing. I love the way it felt on my skin.
  3. It looks like a non-gritty version of the Silver Glow Scrub.
  4. It firms up the skin nicely without making the skin feel shrunk or tight.
  5. It is spreadable, gets absorbed easily and the texture of the gel aids massaging.
  6. Again, though it looks shimmery, it does not look the same once it gets absorbed in to my skin.
Silver Glow Cream

  1. It is a very thick cream but felt weirdly like a mud-face pack. I felt like i am trying to massage a facepack into my skin. 
  2. It did not glide on the skin easily but surprisingly, it got absorbed into my skin swiftly.
  3. It seemed too thick for aiding the massaging process and I found it difficult to massage it freely in to my skin.
  4. I thought that the quantity given would last 2 – 3 sessions easily on seeing the texture but it kept on getting absorbed into my skin I was forced to take out and use more of the cream.
  5. Though I did not dilute the cream, I used a little quantity of rose water to aid the easy massaging process.
  6. This cream imparts a nice and healthy glow.

Silver Glow Pack

  1. This is very creamy facepack. It looks like a pack and feels like a cream (like an exact opposite to the cream)
  2. Spreads easily.
  3. Imparts cooling and soothing sensation on the skin and it did not irritate.
  4. It dries very slowly and gives a tight feeling to the skin while it dries.
Nice travel friendly packing.
No Cleansing Cream or lotion provided.
Did not irritate or break my skin out.
The Massaging cream is too thick and is difficult to work with.
Imparts a clean, healthy & Parlour like glow.
Storage can be an issue when some product is left in the sachet.
The glitter/shimmery particles wash off and you will not look like  Edward Cullen in the Sun.

Pocket friendly and easily available.
Maniac’s Rating: 3.5/4
It is a safe and great product for at-home facial lovers. I love it and will recommend it to my friends. But I would love to try their other variants. 

Hope you girls found my review useful.

The product can be purchased here 

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