15 Nov 2013


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Today am reviewing the Velvet Touch Lip Liner Pencil from Chambor in the shade PK- 12. I am new to this brand so the main reason behind me picking this up is curiosity. I wanted a peach-pink lip liner that will go well with some of the lipsticks I own.

Velvette Touch Lip Pencils are designed for enhancing your lips by defining, lining & filling up the lips perfectly. These pencils are extremely smooth, non-drying & long wearing (lasts almost for 4 hrs). The pencil is waterproof & gives full colour coverage, which ensures that the lipstick stays in place for extended hours. It resists bleeding & feathering. As an additional benefit it contains conditioning additives such as vitamin E, Carnauba and Candellila which moisturize and protect the lips. For the most natural look, make sure the tip is softly rounded. Keep your strokes soft with no sharp edges. For best result apply the Velvette Touch Lip Liner after Lipstick, or before Lip Gloss.
Available in a wide selection of 8 colours that compliment well with Silk Touch Lipsticks & Glitzy lip-gloss shades. Dermatologically Approved & the product has"No Animal Ingredients". 8 Lip Smacking Shades available in Browns, Pinks & Reds.

Price: INR. 395/-

Color: Lovely Peachy pink shade that perks my complexion even on a super dull day.!! 

Packing: Comes in a pencil form with a transparent cap. The pencil is colored to indicate the shade. The plastic cap fits well and seems travel friendly. The product comes sealed in a tight plastic wrap.

Texture & Pigmentation: The lip liner is comfortable enough to line the entire lips without tugging and pulling. It feels creamy and goes on smooth. It is not too creamy that will result in breakage. It is stiff enough to draw the outline crisply.  Pigmentation is very good and even.

Dryness: As it is a lip liner, it will be drying on lips however creamy it feels on application. Like so, this product does feel little heavy and stiff on lips after application. However it is not too dry or wooden that you cannot fill your lips with it. But, it does not overly dry lips upon removal. It does emphasize the dry and cracked areas when used alone. 

Staying Power:  It has a very good staying power. If worn alone, it stays for about 4-5 hours on my lips with light snacks and drinks in between. As I love the color, I prefer to use it alone and dab a light lip gloss over it. The only drawback when you use this product alone is that when it fades, the color in the outer corner fades faster than the color in the inner areas. So if you do not watch out, you will be left with a peachy pink color in the inner corners which looks very bad.

If worn with a lipstick on top, it increases the staying power of the lipstick to a great extent and prevents bleeding/feathering of the lipsticks like how a good lip liner is expected to do so.

This lip liner is water resistant. It survived on my lips when I accidentally got water splashed on my face and dabbed my lips with a tissue.

On my Lips:

After an hour of application

After an hour of application in white light

Topped with Lotus Herbals Pure Stay Gloss in Vintage Rose.

Gorgeous everyday shade.
Creamy and does not feel dry while applying.
Applies evenly.
Stiff enough to draw a crisp line.
Good staying power. 4-5 hours.
Water resistant.
Does not cause excessive dryness
Resists bleeding and feathering as claimed.
Has No animal ingredients
Fades unevenly if used alone.
Needs to be sharpened and some may not prefer it as it leads to product wastage. 

Maniac’s Rating: 4/5
This is a very good lip liner. Color pay off, creamy texture, good staying power. What else we could ask for from a lip liner? Highly recommended.

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