23 Nov 2013


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Most of us would have used Elle 18 products at one time or the other in our lives. For me, it is their eyeliners, nail polishes and the liner pencils. Apart from these, the brand has launched couple of new products like foundation, compact powder, colored liquid liners and a whole new range of lip balms. I have reviewed some of their lipsticks here, eye sparkler pencils here, liquid liner here and their lip balm here.

Today I am going to review their foundation. I was given the shade “shell” which happened to be very dark for my skin tone. But then, owing to its sheer nature, I used it a couple of times and tested it on a friend of mine to share my views on them. 

Comes in a very girly black tube. It looks so cool and youthful. The nozzle is secured by a screw type lid which does its job well.

I have the shade “shell” with me and this foundation comes in four shades i.e., pearl, marble, shell and coral which I believe is for fair, medium-fair, dusky and dark skin tones respectively.
This shade has strong yellow tones to it which would make it quite famous among the dusky beauties as this shade will NEVER make them look "fair".

When I swatched the product, I immediately remembered the lakme silk naturelle daily foundation. But this one is liquidier than the lakme one. When I slightly spread the drop of the foundation, it seemed more like a watery moisturizer with the tint/color sticking on to it clumsily.  It did not spread well.
The formula kind of glides on the skin without sinking in and my skin is very stubborn in drinking this up.

I have swatched the lakme silk naturelle and elle 18 glow foundation here side by side.

As I said above, it reminds me of the lakme silk naturelle daily foundation. Fragrance is not annoying but very obvious.

 Sheer . I will not call it buildable because I need to work heavily on the first layer for making it get absorbed into my skin so the question of taking pains with the second layer did not arise.

 Other points
 Foundation felt little sticky when I applied it on and after working on it rigorously it finally sets to a semi-matte finish. Once it sets apart from the fact that it looked little weird on me due to the shade, it did set into a nice natural looking finish on my gorgeous dusky skinned friend. It evened out the skin tone to a great extent and covers mild pigmentation and scars like how a tinted moisturizer would do. It retains its semi-matte finish and stays like that for almost 2-3 hours on dry skin. Though it did not feel heavy, it definitely made me feel its presence on the skin. It settles in the fine lines around the eyes however we try to pat it down.  Another downside of this foundation is it melts like an ice cube. It melts miserably and it stains the neckline, hand kerchief, tissue and what not. If you are living in Chennai, use this at your own risk. Patting it down with a compact does not help much.  

ELLE 18 Glow Foundation in SHELL
Price: Rs. 150/- for 30 grams.
Expiry: 24 months from the date of manufacture.
1. Cute and functional packing.
2. Evens out the skin tone.
3. Sets to a natural looking semi-matte finish.
4. Has yellow tones to it so it would not make you look like a ghost.
5. Does not feel heavy.
6. Fragrance is not annoying.
7. Easily available.
8. Affordable
1. Sheer coverage does not react well when layered.
2. Difficult to blend.
3. Melts.
4. Poor staying power.
5. Settles in the fine lines around eyes.
6. NOT for oily skinned girls.
7. No Ingredients list mentioned.
8. Did not notice any obvious "glow"
Maniac’s Rating: 2.5/5
Love how the product is priced. If they work a little bit on the texture, it will be a good hit among  college going girls.

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*Product sent by brand for consideration.


  1. Oh god! This is soooo yellow. Loved ur honest review! This is definitely not for me

  2. I liked the foundation and because it's yellow, it works well on my tone. But I felt blending is a bit difficult. but I am not complaining. :P

  3. I thought they would come up with decent base products but Its such a dud :(
    Nicely reviewed Dear :)

  4. Such yellow undertones!! I would rather stay away...Lovely review hun :)


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