22 Nov 2013

Matrix Opti Care Split-end Serum - Review

Hi Friends,

After I cut my hair about 3 months back, I am being regular with my monthly hair spas. During my first spa session, I asked them to suggest me a good hair serum to tame my extremely dry hair. She suggested me the Matrix Opti-care split-end serum though it is meant for chemically treated hair. Today I will be reviewing it after using for about 2 and half months.

Price: INR. 365/- for 100 ml.

Packing: Comes in a transparent orange colored bottle with a pump dispenser. I have taken it along with me during short travels and did not experience any disasters. 

The pump dispenser is very comfortable as it dispenses the right amount of product.

 Texture: Thick transparent and a little greasy liquid.

My Experience:  
I do not have chemically treated hair but owing to my recent hair straighter purchase, at least once in a week I am straightening my hair. Though I prep my hair well before applying heat, I found my hair getting little dry than usual. So I did not mind when it said it is for chemically treated hair and happily paid for it.

On the first day of use, I literally hated this product. Because I applied two-three pumps of it in my hair assuming that my hair will drink it up and more product = more shine. But I was wrong. It made my hair flat, greasy and downright miserable. I had to wash my hair the very next day.

Now that I have learnt my lesson I started using just one pump of product and am very happy with the results. The product spreads and detangles my hair well. It imparts a nice sheen and makes my hair manageable. When I use this product, till the next wash, my hair behaves very well and does not tangle much.

When I use it before straightening and on straightened hair, I noticed that my hair maintained the “straightness” for a much longer time. Usually my hair starts to slightly get wavy at the ends and with this one, it does not happen that way. (It is not a heat protectant and I use it after I have straightened my hair as a finishing serum)

This serum is not scalp friendly. It makes the scalp get greasy and sticky if I have accidentally applied it on the roots. I guess that happens with most of the serums.

As for the split-ends, no product can cure a split-end. To get rid of split ends trimming is the only solution. I am using this since I got a haircut, and I can say that it does prevent to an extent, the formation of split ends.


Matrix Opti.care Split-end Serum
1. Detangles and smoothens hair well.
2. Gives a nice healthy sheen to the hair.
3. Maintains the straightness of the hair.
4. Helps prevent formation of split ends.
5. Hair remains manageable and prone to fewer tangles till the next wash.
6. Does not weigh down the hair.
7. Easy to use packing.
1. Only for extremely dry hair. It WILL weigh down your normal hair.
2. Not scalp friendly. Makes the scalp sticky and greasy.
Maniac’s Rating:  5/5
Highly recommended for dry hair. It is very good and I haven’t come across a better serum at this price.!


  1. eeeeee I love everything that weighs down my hair :p I'm totally gonna get this. thanks for the review Raji!xx

  2. I dont like serums at all.. they always weigh me hair down .. I prefer the ones which come in spray format, they are lighter in texture and do not look sticky or greasy

    1. This one does not look sticky or greasy dear.. But then as u said it is a matter of comfort and preference

  3. am on a hunt for my HG serum... so on ur reco, would surely pic this one up Raji...

  4. Nice review dear .. Looks a great product as it score 5 on 5 :)
    I'm currently using the Toni & Guy spray to manage my hairs.

  5. sounds great...vl definitely try this!


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