18 Nov 2013

Single Eyeshadow Look using MUA 19 Matte.

Hello Friends,

Today I am going to share with you all the eyelook I sported recently. It is very simple and does not take so much time. I have used only one eyeshadow for this eyelook.


I primed my eye area with a teeny-tiny amount of Maybelline Highlighting Concealer and Bodyshop all in one face base.

Then I took a black eyeliner pencil that is not smudge resistant (Vov eyeliner) and applied it along the upper lash line and lightly smudged it keeping the color well beneath the crease. It gave me a vague idea about how I need to draw the crease. I then drew a line connecting the outer corner of the smudged liner towards the inner corner in the crease area stopping it in the middle with the same eyeliner and smudged it as well. I used Kryolan Art No. 3920 brush for the same.

I took a brown colored eyeshadow (i used MUA shade 19 matte) and applied it on the eyelid area filling but keeping it well beneath the smudged liner. I used Kryolan Art 3511 blending brush to slightly blend the outer corners.

Then, I lined the outer half of my lower lashline with an eyeliner pencil and smudged it.


I stopped with this step and finished it with mascara. It looked really subtle and nice with no obvious eyeliner.

Some More Pics

For a much intense version, I darkened the eyeshadow a little and then took a deep black eyeliner pencil (Revlon colortsay one stroke defining eyeliner in blackest black) and lined my upper lash line creating a flick.

Which one do you like?? 

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