12 Dec 2013

A simple twist to the otherwise regular kohl'd eye look - EOTD

Hello Ladies,

Today I am here with a gorgeous, subtle yet intense eye look using black eye shadow. I am a great fan of kohl’s and black eye shadows. They never tire me and if allowed, I would wear a black Smokey eye all the time. But unfortunately I cannot wear them to work. 

Couple of days ago I tried this super simple look using a black eye shadow which will definitely add jazz your otherwise boring everyday look. Yes, I use a black kohl everyday to work. As I always wear ethnic attire, it does not look out of place.

Here’s the look. 

Indian Eye makeup using Kohl

It is very simple and you don’t need an hour to do it. It just took me 10 mins to create this one.
Indian Eye makeup using Kohl

1. Prime your lids the way you usually do. I do not prime them separately on a regular day. I just moisturize, apply sunscreen and set them with The Body shop compact.

2. Now take a shimmery black eyeliner pencil, like the one from LA girl reviewed here (avon, faces and Maybelline also makes similar ones) and line your upper lash line quite thickly but do not go outside your eye area i.e., do not wing it out unless you are opting for a more dramatic look. 

3. Take a clean smudger brush and smudge the eyeliner. Don’t go all the way up to the crease.

4. Similarly, take the same shimmery black pencil and apply a thin line on the lower lash line. Smudge it with the smudger brush. (You can use your colorbar shader brush which works great for smudging the eyeliner on lower lash line)

5. Now, on the upper lid, take a matte black eyeshadow (i used Kryolan matte Black) and apply it lightly on the smudged liner. Blend it a little bit using brown eyeshadow so that it looks more like a transition than ending abruptly. 

5. Grab your favorite matte black eyeliner and line your upper lash line and waterline.  

6. Finish the look by applying a coat of your favorite mascara. For daily use, I do not wear mascara as they impart too much drama to my lashes. So I finished the look without curling/applying mascara to them.

I paired this eye-look with my current favorite Lakme 9 to 5 Lipstick in Tea Break. It looked gorgeous and at the end of the day I got this from someone who is NOT AT ALL in to all these gestures. (Those tiny red scrolls are real ones with hand written customized messages) Haha..!

Hope you girls loved the eyelook. BTW, I have created a profile in she said beauty (you will find the widget on the right side panel). It would be so great if you girls could follow me there too.

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