4 Dec 2013

Kryolan Professional Art. 3511 Eye-Shadow brush - Review

Hi Gurls,

I have slowly started building up my collection of decent eye-makeup brushes. I came across this one when i was searching for a dome shaped brush with which i can both apply eyeshadows and blend them. I was happy with my colorbar and oriflame blending brushes but I wanted a smaller and less fluffier brush for blending the eyeshadow in the crease area.

I was suggested to try Real Techniques but as our charts don’t match, I decided to try kryolan. I already have a smudger from kryolan and I am quite happy with it. I went to the store and after browsing their collection, I spotted the Art 3511 brush. It looked small, felt fluffy and it was all I imagined it to be. When I checked out its price I was shocked to see it was priced at just Rs. 135/-. So even if it fails, I can still be happy. 


  • The brush comes with a metallic grey body with a traditional metal ferrule. 
  • The hair is densely packed and firmly held.

  • The brush is designed for applying and blending the eye shadow in smaller eyes and in the crease area.
  • The brush feels very soft and blends eyeshadow precisely and extremely well. 
  • As it is small in size, it gets easier to get that perfect blended look without having to work extensively in small eyes. 
  • It picks the right amount of eyeshadow due to its thickly packed nature.

 Maintenance and Quality
  • It is one of the most used (abused) brushes in my vanity and I have washed it so many times. 
  • It has not shed a single hair till now and it has always retained its shape. 
  • The ferrule has not felt loosened or flimsy which always happens to me with a budget friendly brush. 
  • Very good quality.  

  • Availability is an issue but apart from that I cannot spot a single con with this one.

Maniac’s Rating: 5/5

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