15 Dec 2013


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I have this unexplained soft corner in my heart for handmade soaps/skin care. They look very pretty and have that all natural vibe to them. They are more special than the regular ones. Today I am here with a handmade chocolate and mint soap from vaadi herbals. This one is even more special because this is the first soap I am trying in 2013. Yup.! I have excessive dry skin and I love shower gels/creams better. So, am pretty excited to share my views on this one. YAY! to my first soap in 2013!!!

VAADI HERBALS TEMPTING CHOCOLATE & MINT SOAP Hand made natural Soap with goodness of chocolate and mint

The soap is named as the TEMPTING CHOCOLATE & MINT SOAP-Deep Moisturising Therapy. 

Claims, Ingredients, MRP & other info:

VAADI HERBALS TEMPTING CHOCOLATE & MINT SOAP Ingredient list and claims. Hand Made soap in India

It comes in a cardboard box like the medimix soap ones and it is wrapped in two covers to retain the fragrance. The outer most one is that self-sealing transparent polythene cover and the inner one is a thin polythene wrap. Even with all these layers of wrappings on, I could smell the warm, intoxicating chocolate fragrance.

Outer Self sealing cover
VAADI HERBALS TEMPTING CHOCOLATE & MINT SOAP Packing Review and about handmade soaps in India
Inner polythene Wrap
The soap looks like this. 

 Obviously the brown one is chocolate and green one is mint.

Though the soap is a combo of two flavours, the chocolate one is much dominant.

During the first use, I noticed brown color getting mixed with the lather as I rubbed the soap against my skin. The brown lather stopped in a few minutes and the soap produced normal white lather.

Thankfully the soap did not produce that detergent soap kind of lather. It lathers moderately. When loofah is used on the soaped area, it lathers even more but nothing artificial. It washes off easily too.

The soap cleanses the skin well and did not dry out my (very) dry skin. I did not get the stretchy feeling which I always get when I use soap. I could not completely ignore the moisturizer though (Thanks to the super dry winter weather).

The fragrance is very good. It smells of hot chocolate. It is very soothing in these dry and chilly winters. I love to take a hot water bath with this one before going to bed. I find it very relaxing and calm.

I tried it on my face as I forgot to take my face wash with me for my bathing session. It cleansed well but I found this to be little drying for my facial skin. I also noticed one two pimples forming the next morning. As I have pimple prone skin that breaks out at the slightest disturbance, I cannot fully blame this soap for my breakouts.

After a couple of uses, this soap broke into two (as pictured) which made me wonder if the Choco-mint soap is actually two soaps held together with some kind of adhesive that got washed off with repeated uses.

It melts like glycerine soap if kept in contact with water. (Remember how gooey pears soap goes when you forget to take it out of the water filled dish?).

Overall, I am happy with this soap. This will be one soap which I will finish completely.

Maniac’s Rating: 3/5

Love it for the chocolate fragrance and for being dry skin friendly. Price does not hurt too.

Hope you girls found the review useful. Have you tried any handmade soaps? If so which is your favourite one?

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