8 Dec 2013

When things fail: A Quick Eyebrow Grooming Tip

Hello Friends,

We all know about the importance of grooming our eyebrows. They frame our face and make us look pretty/ugly depending on how we maintain them.

As my eyebrows are overly thick and uneven, filling them with eyeshadows tends to make them look so huge. And, filling them with pencil makes them look harsh as I do not have those sharp features to even them out. I wanted something in between these two methods to get that pretty and natural look.

While I was going through a professional makeup magazine by kryolan, I read this tip which was quite new to me. I immediately tried and as it was successful, am here to share it with you.

Let’s start by looking into the famous or most commonly used ways of grooming eyebrows.

1.      Using an eyeshadow/brow powder with an angled brush to fill in.
2.      Using a brow pencil.

The first step is an universally loved one as it is great for filling in sparse brows and still makes them look natural. It is great for girls who are blessed with the perfect eyebrow shape that suits their face.

The second one is great to get that chiselled dramatic look. It is great when you want to shape your brows in a certain way or when you wish to add angle to them. If you flatly fill your brows with your pencil, you have the risk of making your brows look heavily artificial.

This tip I am going to share with you is by combining those two techniques.

It works great on naturally broad brows where filling with an e/s makes them look so striking in a bad way.
 Things needed

A brow pencil that suits your skin tone.
An eyebrow grooming brush. 

  • Fill ONLY THE AREA which looks sparse using your brow pencil.
  • Use small angled strokes.
  • Now, grab the eye brow grooming comb/brush and use the brush part to smudge the tiny strokes in line with your natural brow shape.  

This tip works well on me and it helps me look groomed even during those days when I am due for a parlour appointment. 

Okay so here's a picture of my brows. Don't get scared. :D

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