25 Jan 2014

Affordable Eye Make-up Brushes that are easily available in India

Hello friends,

When I started getting interested in eye makeup, the two most difficult tasks were creating a smokey eye and finding out decent eye makeup brushes.

I was not ready to splurge on costly ones as I felt unnecessary to spend that much without getting to know the basics. I wanted to learn something before splurging. In this post, I am going to share some eye makeup brushes that are easy on the pocket and still do an amazing job.

Affordable Eye makeup Brushes Available In India
Before I move on further, I want all of you to know that this post is aimed at newbies, who are looking for GOOD quality brushes with an affordable price tag.

This post will cover few important brushes that are required for creating a complete eye makeup.  
An applicator.
Dome shaped blending brush or crease brush.
Fluffy Blending brush.
An eye liner brush and
An angled brush.

The following brushes are, according to me, good at doing their respective jobs. They are easily available in India and can be bought without making a hole in your wallet.

An eye shadow applicator

Vega Eye Shadow Applicator

About:  This brush is designed for packing the color on lids. As the bristles are soft and dome shaped it can also be used as an emergency blending brush.  

Colorbar Eyelluring Eyeshadow brush

About: It is designed for depositing eye shadow thickly on the lids. It can be used with both powder and cream eyes shadows. I personally like to use this brush for smudging and applying eye shadow on my lower lash line. It does a great job in smudging an eyeliner / cream eye shadow.

Kryolan Modern Art Brush Art No. 3920 smudger brush eye makeup

About: Designed for smudging an eye liner or cream eyeshadow for that diffused quick smokey effect. This brush is very good and it is one of the most reached in my vanity. The bristles are NOT harsh and do a great job in smudging the eyeliner. The shape of the handle gives more comfort and control over smudging. Even after washing multiple times, it is still as good as new. 
Small crease brush:

Kryolan Professional Art 3511 small crease brush

About: This is  the best product you can ever buy with INR.135/-. The quality is top notch and it does an excellent job in blending eyeshadow  in the crease area. If you  are looking for a small blending brush then it is a MUST HAVE. It is soft, fluffy and thickly packed. You can read the complete review here.
Fluffy Blending brush:


Oriflame Professional Blending Brush

About: Made of goat hair, this brush is great for overall blending and smoothening when we use multiple colors. It is fluffy and not so thickly packed aiding flawless blending. I will not call it the best but it is one of the affordable and decent choices available in India.


Colorbar emphaseyes blending brush

About: It is little denser than the oriflame one and great for blending out eyeshadows and smoothen transitions. The almond shape of the bristles feel soft and are easy to work with. I prefer this brush for applying compact on my eye area after concealing. It does not pick the color well but for its price, I cannot really complain.

Kryolan Premium Eyeshadow brush Art 9363 blending brush for eye shadow

About: I know this one is quite costly when compared to the rest but trust me, it is worth every single rupee. It is fluffier than the other brushes hence very comfortable in blending eyeshadows effortlessly. Picks color wonderfully. The brush curved to ensure precise blending. It feels very soft and has not shed a hair even after so many washes.

Gel liner brush: 

Gel eyeliner brush

Price: I don’t remember but below Rs. 50/- only.
About: You can buy this easily at any crafts shop. It also comes with the nail art brush set that retails for Rs. 350/- a pack. It is great for applying gel liner on the lids.

Angled brush:

Kryolan Art 3806 angled eyeliner brush

About: I was looking for a small sized one as the ones made by vega audreys etc were quite large for the purpose for which I was looking for. The bristle feel soft yet stiff and is very good for applying gel liners and wet eye shadows on lash lines.

Hope you girls liked this post. Do feel free to add your choices in the comments section. 

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