9 Jan 2014

Dove Beauty Moisture Face was for Normal to Dry Skin - Review

Hello friends,

Today I am introducing you all to my best buddy with whom I bonded over this winter season. It is none other than the Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash. Winters in Chennai are not that chilly but the air is just too dry.

Dove Beauty Moisture Face was for Normal to Dry Skin Review and Swatch

I suffered from extreme dry skin last nov-dec. It was like hell on my face. It was red, painful and hyper sensitive. During those days I couldn't use makeup as I feared further irritation.

After few days of applying heavy duty moisturisers, oils and creams on my skin, it reluctantly returned to normalcy which got triggered mildly every day the moment I washed my face with anything other than my cetaphil moisturiser. I had to go to office and I was not happy with using just cetaphil. (I couldn't scrub my skin)

I had this face wash in my stash and reluctantly gave it a try. Read on to know how it fared on my super irritated, sensitive dry skin.

It comes in a functional tube packing with a very tight flip cap. There can be no mishaps with a cap that shuts this tight.

Dove Beauty Moisture Face was for Normal to Dry Skin Review and Swatch

Price: INR 79/- for 50 g 

It claims to have ¼ moisture milk and is for normal to dry skin.

Dove Beauty Moisture Face was for Normal to Dry Skin Claims Review and Swatch


It is by far the gentlest yet effective face wash I have come across. I have used gentle face washes before and they were not that effective in giving me that clean face feel.

The face wash has thick creamy consistency. When we add more water it starts producing thick, creamy lather.

It does a decent job in cleaning my face by removing excess oil and dirt. It is not one of those face washes wherein you just apply it and wash off. As it is gentle, I had to add water and massage it in my face to get the best cleansing experience. I don’t expect my face wash to remove my kohl etc as I prefer using separate makeup remover/oil for the same so I do not mind the fact that this face wash is not strong enough to wash off water-proof makeup in one go.

My face feels clean as it washes off quite easily and I did not feel any dryness or that tight feeling which we get when our skin is incredibly dry. I was pleasantly surprised to note that the sensitivity I had around my nose and cheek area did not get triggered more. Though this face wash was not drying by itself, I did moisture my skin thoroughly to prevent it from getting drying throughout the day.

It did not cause any acne flare ups. My skin felt soft and nourished with this face wash.

As it feels like a super thick cream, a little goes a long way. 

This face wash reminds me of the original dove smell with an artificial tinge added to it. It is not over powering or disturbing so I do not mind it.


Dove Beauty Moisture Face was for Normal to Dry Skin swatch

I am not sure if this would be enough for me in summers where my T-Zone tends to get slightly oily. But as of now, it is my best buddy!

Maniac’s Rating: 4/5 (-1 for the parabens but that’s not going to stop me from re-purchasing this one for the winters)

Hope you girls loved my review. What is your favourite winter face wash? Do share it in the comments below.

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