12 Jan 2014

L'Oreal Paris Kajal Magique - Review, Swatch, Comparison and EOTD

Hello friends,

I have finally decided to review my Loreal Paris Kajal Magique eye liner pencil. After Maybelline and Lakme, now it is the turn of Loreal to venture into pocket friendly Kohl/kajal line.

Price: INR. 245/- for 0.35g. (Wow! some one is being very generous here) 

Availability: Easily available in almost all shops and e-commerce sites that retail loreal cosmetics.

Packing: Comes sealed in a dark pink and black carton sheet. The pencil is retractable, just like the lakme and Maybelline ones and is also colored in black with metallic dark rose lettering. The cap does not come off easily making it safe for travel.
I like the packing. Simple, functional yet different.

About & Claims: 

You can check out this link for more detailed information on the product

I have a love hate relationship with this kajal which happens to be the main reason for such a delayed review.


It has a unique texture. I love it.
It is soft enough not to tug or pull the lids but hard enough to line thinly. So precise - as they call it. 
I have always had the problem of drawing a thin line with pencil liner as the tip gets flat and results in a thick line. I need not worry about it any more.
Due to its texture, it has become my favourite choice when it comes to lining my lower lash line.


I am not satisfied with the pigmentation. It is averagely pigmented when compared with similar products in the similar price range. If you are a fan of intensely pigmented kajal/eyeliners I am sure you will be disappointed with this one.
You need atleast two or three swipes to get that get black color.

Staying Power on lids & lash line:

A sure winner in this department, it stays for a really long time. I wore this to my work (applied at around 8:30 AM) and it stayed till I removed it in the evening (by 7:00 PM). It did not smudge even 1% and retained the shape of the perfect flick which I drew in the morning.

On waterline:

It is safe to be used on the waterline
It is ophthalmologically tested and suitable for contact lens wearers. 
It does not irritate, feel heavy or dry like most of the long lasting kajal’s even in my super sensitive waterline.
It stays for good 4-5 hours which is pretty impressive before settling into the lower lash between the lashes.
It does not melt or smear.

When used with brush to draw a flick:

Due to the texture of this kajal, the brush is not able to pick much product and hence you may find it a little hard when it comes to working with brushes.

This kajal is water proof and smudge proof.  No matter how many times you accidentally rub your lids, it does not fade or come off.


It does not come off with water as it is water-proof. But it does not make removal a hectic task either. All you need it a little baby oil. 


Swatch Comparison:

On my eyes:

After washing the swatch with water and trying to rub it off
Maniac’s Rating: 3/5 - So precise but not so intense and bold. 

I may repurchase this one for its texture and staying power as I have taken a penchant for lining my lower lash line these days. Good for those looking for kajals that stays long and does not irritate sensitive eyes. 

Hope you girls found my review useful. 

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*Product sent by brand but my opinions are honest.

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